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Freestyle Wrestlers: Capital One Is A Great Career Move


Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success………..Paul J. Meyer

It’s going to be a great day for you because as an optimist you realize that every new dawn provides you with an opportunity to change and improve your life.

Female Competition International is always exploring the values of great companies to see how their relationships are with female students and athletes and it appears we have found another gem in Capital One Bank.[adToAppearHere]

Have you ever considered banking with them or working for them? The following is information that may help you decide.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, wikimedia photo
fciwomenswrestling.com article, wikimedia photo

We ventured to their website and as we often do, we’d like them to speak for themselves.

“Capital One is a company built on bold, new ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. We offer challenging work in a collaborative, flexible environment, and we champion a healthy work/life balance. We believe in giving back to our communities. And, most importantly, we have a lot of fun.[adToAppearHere]

Our philosophy is simple: Recruit great people and give them the opportunity to be great. As an associate at Capital One, your input is always valued. You’re encouraged to own your work, pursue your ideas, and achieve your professional and personal goals. We want you to excel, and we give you the tools you need to be successful.

Our people are our greatest asset, and the differences we bring to the workplace make us a better company. Our diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives produces the fresh thinking that drives innovation and solves business problems. It shapes our view of the world, and reflects the customers and communities we serve.

Capital One’s Associate Networks support our inclusive culture and growing diverse population by offering resources and inspiration to help our associates achieve their full potential.”

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual”.……….Albert Einstein

One of the great programs that Capital One encourages and supports is the Women’s Network. There is good reason for that when you consider the dynamics of what’s happening with women and business in our global economy.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, wikimedia photo
fciwomenswrestling.com article, wikimedia photo

According to the informative site nawbo.org or The National Association of Women Business Owners:

Women Owned Business in the United States

  • More than 9.1 million firms are owned by women, employing nearly 7.9 million people, and generating $1.4 trillion in sales as of 2014.
  • Women-owned firms (50% or more) account for 30% of all privately held firms and contribute 14% of employment and 11% of revenues.
  • Over the past seven years, the overall increase of 8.3 million (net) new jobs is comprised of a 9.2 million increase in employment in large, publicly traded corporations, combined with an 893,000 decline in employment among smaller, privately held companies.

Businesses Owned by Women of Color

  • 2.9 million firms are majority-owned by women of color in the U.S.
  • These firms employ 1.4 million people and generate $226 billion in revenues annually.

Million Dollar Businesses

  • One in five firms with revenue of $1 million or more is woman-owned.
  • 4.2% of all women-owned firms have revenues of 1 million or more.

By looking at those statistics you can see as a woman, the future looks bright and your opportunities are limitless. This is why FCI feels so excited about Capital One Bank when we look at other values they possess.

Let’s take a look at their sponsorship of women’s sports by focusing on The Capital One Cup.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, wikimedia photo
fciwomenswrestling.com article, wikimedia photo

“Their website Capitalonecup.com explains, “The Capital One Cup is awarded annually to each of the best men’s and women’s Division I college athletics programs in the country. Points toward the Capital One Cup are earned and tracked throughout the year based on final standings of NCAA Championships and final official coaches’ polls. One winning men’s and one winning women’s program will be crowned after the completion of the final NCAA spring championships. Capital One will award a combined $400,000 in student-athlete scholarships and the Capital One Cup trophy to the winning schools at the ESPY awards in July.

The Capital One Cup is the embodiment of hard work, dedication, and an enduring commitment to excellence that student-athletes and teams display throughout their year-long journey. The elements of the trophy personify achievement at the highest level, and symbolize strength perseverance, and vision. The silver surface reflects the images of all those who carry it. The Capital One Cup is an enduring symbol of the ultimate achievement in college sports.”

Most important is what happens to women once they are inside the doors and part of the family.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, wikimedia photo
fciwomenswrestling.com article, wikimedia photo

According to a February 10, 2014 press release, “Capital One Financial Corporation (NYSE: COF) today announced that it has been named one of the 2014 “NAFE Top Companies f or Executive Women” by the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE), which honors American corporations that identify and promote successful women.

Capital One was recognized for the excellent training and coaching programs it provides leaders as well as flexible work options and an active women’s employee resource group. The company’s executive coaching program offers individualized skill development to help executives optimize performance, prepare for future assignments, and build critical leadership competencies. Additionally, executive coaching is offered at non-executive levels to high performers as a way to differentially invest in future leaders.

The company was also applauded for how it reaches out to the community to promote women’s leadership. In 2013, Capital One partnered with Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence to create the Women Veteran Entrepreneur Corps (WVEC), a small business training and mentorship program, geared toward women veterans who own small businesses. Also, now in its tenth year, Capital One’s Women’s Network hosts the Future Leaders Forum for Young Women—an event that invites high school students to participate in activities designed to inspire, encourage and build leadership skills.”

Female athletes, just by reading this, you are now expanding the possibilities to explore another avenue to build a bright, successful and happy future for yourself.

Capital One Bank could be just the right partner to travel with you on your exciting journey.

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