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Honesty, New Study Shows It Leads To Much Better Health

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.…….Thomas Jefferson

Sleeping Beauty was a beautiful peasant girl who became a sleeping princess. One line of reasoning for her sleeping so extensively was that the film, which began production in 1951, took almost ten years to complete.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Wikimedia photo
fciwomenswrestling.com article, Wikimedia photo

No wonder Sleeping Beauty was so honest.

According to a November 2013 article found in the Huffington Post, people are more likely to be dishonest in the afternoons than in the mornings because of diminishing self-control throughout the day, states new research. Apparently the more tired we become the odds of us saying or doing something dishonest increases.

Published in the journal Psychological Science, researchers conducted several experiments to gauge how time of day affects self-control and unethical behavior. In one of the experiments, they had study participants look at different patterns of dots on a computer screen.

Researchers found that participants who were given this test in the morning, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. were more likely to actually give correct answers. The participants tested between 12 and 6 p.m. were more likely to cheat for the financial incentive.[adToAppearHere]

In other experiments in the study, researchers also found that the morning factor held true. For instance, study participants were more likely to send a dishonest message, or say that they’d solved a problem when they hadn’t, in the afternoon than the morning.

While we don’t need a new study to educate us that good sleep is correlated to good health; the additional benefit of increasing the propensity to be honest is another nice side benefit.

fciwomenswrestling.com article - Wikimedia photo
fciwomenswrestling.com article – Wikimedia photo

The high road is always respected. Honesty and integrity are always rewarded.…….Scott Hamilton

Now let’s take the next step.

Honesty is related to good health as well.

Speaking to this subject, the informative site mercola.com relates new research suggests that insincerity takes a toll on more than just your good reputation. In fact, it may play a significant role in your health. What’s more, you may be able to lower your risk of sore throats, colds, and headaches just by learning to tell the truth.

The study, which was carried out by two University of Notre Dame professionals as part of their “Science of Honesty” project, followed 72 adults for five weeks. The participants were broken into two groups, a control group and a sincerity group that was told to speak only the truth. Members of the sincerity group were told:

“Throughout every day of the next 5 weeks, you must speak honestly, truthfully, and sincerely—not only about the big things, but also about the small things, such as why you were late.

You must always mean what you say in situations where your statements are to be taken seriously, as opposed to when joking or obviously exaggerating. While you certainly can choose not to answer questions, you must always mean what you say.”

fciwomenswrestling.com article, wikimedia photo
fciwomenswrestling.com article, wikimedia photo

Interestingly, by the end of the study, significant health differences were reported among the two groups. Those in the sincerity group had an average of seven fewer symptoms, such as sore throats, headaches, nausea, and mental tension, than the control group.

Honesty is more than not lying. It is truth telling, truth speaking, truth living, and truth loving……James E. Faust

Further support can be found at elementalwellnesscoaching.wordpress.com where they speak to ten major benefits of being honest.[adToAppearHere]

  1. Honesty promotes authenticity. Honesty is a reflection of your own thoughts and feelings. If you want people to know who you really are, be honest in your self-expression.
  2. Honesty fosters courage. Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is doing what you know you want or need to do, despite your fear. It takes an immense amount of courage to say what you feel. It is often difficult and takes practice and patience, but the payoffs are enormous.
  3. Honesty shows you care. Being honest with yourself and with others shows how much you really care. It also demonstrates self-respect and respect for others. A caring attitude makes people stop and think. Gentle honesty is also very attractive and appealing.
  4. Honesty creates a circle of love. Honesty sets an example that invites others to imitate. When others respond with honesty, it can create more interpersonal closeness and authenticity. This often translates into love and can create an ongoing evolution of loving relationships.
  5. Honesty shows maturity and self-acceptance. There can often be hurt and pain associated with honesty. A mature person conveys honest expression in a style that minimizes painful impact. When others are hurt, the mature, self-accepting person remains in the relationship to work through any pain experienced by the other person.
  6. Honesty fosters a connection. Honesty can bring people closer by creating a safe connection. It forms a context for the relationship within which both parties feel secure enough to be genuine in their interactions. Such a relationship can invite and empower each party to work through some highly personal issues.
  7. Honesty feels exhilarating because it is so freeing. Being authentic and saying what you feel and think feels great! By doing so, you break free of the limitations of fear.
  8. Honesty eliminates garbage. Hiding true feelings or withholding information creates emotional garbage. This is known as gunny sacking , which requires a lot of self-defeating energy. Being honest from the beginning of any interaction prevents the build-up of emotional garbage and cleans out your emotional gunnysack.
  9. Honesty attracts honesty. If honesty becomes an unconscious habit, you will become very attractive to other honest people. A life filled with authentic people is vastly enriched.
  10. Honesty can keep you out of trouble. We all know how you can dig yourself deeper into a hole with lies and deceit. So from the start, don’t even go there. Keep a clean slate by staying honest, especially when you fear the anticipated consequences.

So often we were told in childhood that Fairy Tales have application to true life. Was that why Pinocchio was so skinny?

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