Honda Fit Is A Great fit For Ambitious Female College Students article, photo

It’s great after mounds of research, talking to friends and associates along with taking test drives when you find a car that is a great fit.

According to research, if you are a young upwardly mobile female college student, the Honda Fit, is a perfect fit for you. article, photo article, photo

The sound automatic researcher states, “The Honda Fit is just one of a handful of subcompacts now on the US and Canadian markets, but few others can match the Fit’s balance of front seat, back seat and trunk room. The Fit is especially handy in urban areas, where its small size allows it to nip through traffic and squeeze into tiny parking spots. Its fuel-efficient 1.5 liter engine has plenty of get-up-and-go, even with an automatic transmission, and Honda quality means it’ll last an eon.”

Anyone who has spent a lot of time driving around San Francisco as this writer has can tell you that a small sized car is a blessing when trying to fit into those concrete and asphalt nooks and crannies. article, photo article, photo

The researcher continues, “Women tell us they prefer a car that’s agile, has good visibility, and isn’t a chore to drive. Many like to sit higher and most rightly insist on plenty of storage space, reasonable prices and low running costs. Space for growing families is essential in many cases and safety is a major factor. Furthermore, many women tell us that a high fun-to-drive factor is important.”[adToAppearHere]

FCI tries to provide it’s readers with a balanced view when it comes to an important purchase like buying a car so here are two more insights.

The thorough auto research site explains, “Fun, flexible, and compact, the Honda Fit is among my favorite cars. The second generation, in particular, stood out as one of the best cars in its segment. But the B segment has gotten much more crowded over the years and the Fit faces stiffer competition than it did upon introduction.

For 2015, Honda has introduced the totally redesigned third generation Fit. It’s got a new look and the next generation of Honda’s dashboard tech. The new model also retains much of the flexibility I loved about the earlier models. With a new powertrain, it remains to be seen whether the new Fit will retain the driving character of its predecessors. I hopped behind the wheel of a 2015 Honda Fit EX-L with navigation to find out.[adToAppearHere]

The engine itself feels (and sounds) zippy and eager enough, and the chassis retains the excellent Honda sport compact dynamics that I’ve come to expect from previous generations of the Fit. The steering is responsive, despite losing a bit of its communication in the switch to this generation’s electric power steering. Even with the CVT, the 2015 Fit feels like a fun little economy front driver.

One of the Fit’s coolest features has always been its “Magic” rear seat. This 60/40 rear bench has seat-backs that fold flat to accommodate bulky, long items. What makes the seat unique is that its seat bases also flip up and lock into place, opening a massive space, from the flat floor to the ceiling, behind the rear seats that can accommodate taller objects. With rear doors that open wide to give excellent access to this second row space, it becomes remarkably easy to fit things into the Fit.” article, photo article, photo

Thank you much

It’s time to hear from Mr. Antuan Goodwin, a well-respected auto industry reviewer.

“From the driver’s seat, the Fit offers the driver very good visibility with a low dashboard and very thin A pillars. I find it nice to see that automakers are moving away from claustrophobic, high-waisted design. In fact, the Fit’s side windows dip downward slightly, putting yet more glass in front of the driver.

Audio sources for our navigation-equipped model include standard Bluetooth for audio streaming, hands-free calling, and messaging. There’s also USB connectivity, CD playback, satellite and HD Radio and an assortment of “next-generation” HondaLink Connect streaming services powered by Aha Radio and the HondaLink Connect app (iPhone only).

The 2015 Honda Fit starts at $15,650 for the base LX model with a manual transmission. Honda takes a trim level approach to the Fit’s packaging, rather than individual options, so our top of the line EX-L with Navigation model is fully loaded at $20,925. Add $820 for destination fees and charges to reach our as-tested price of $21,745.

In the Australian and European markets, the Fit is better known as the Honda Jazz and will be configured and packaged similarly to the North American model.”


Who better to speak about their cars than Honda? This is a particularly important benefit.

Honda Adds Standard Roadside Assistance to All 2015 Models.

Beginning with the 2015 model year, all new Honda automobiles will be covered by a 24-hour nationwide roadside assistance program for the 3-year/36,000 mile new vehicle limited warranty term. The 2015 Fit and Pilot are the first vehicles in Honda’s lineup to benefit from this upgrade to Honda’s customer service program.

The program features a comprehensive list of roadside assistance services, including lockout service, fuel delivery and towing, plus reimbursement for trip interruption1 and assistance for alternate transportation2, hotel reservations2 and more. With the Honda Roadside Assistance service, if a driver experiences a problem while on the road, they can call the program’s toll-free telephone number (866-864-5211) 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada. So, should an owner suffer a lost key or their Honda run out of fuel, get a flat tire, require a jump start or need to be winched or towed, Honda Roadside Assistance will dispatch a service vehicle to perform one or more of these necessary services:

  • Assist the owner in unlocking the vehicle4
  • Deliver fuel3
  • Change a flat tire with the Honda vehicle’s spare
  • Assist with use of the Tire Repair Kit (TRK)
  • Jump a battery
  • Winch the vehicle
  • Arrange to transport the vehicle to the nearest Honda dealership.

Okay ladies. If you have thinking about purchasing a car, please stay tuned. FCI is going to hang out with you and carry you on our shoulders and do the research for you. article, photo article, photo

In June of 2015, all FCI article-driven sites:, (FCI Elite Competitor) and will feature articles on cars that should be a great fit for you.

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