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China’s Sun Yanan, A Star Shining Bright And Strong

There is so much happening in China that global news giant CNN devotes a whole website to breaking stories there.

For example did you realize that much of the Great Wall is disappearing?

CNN reports, “It was originally built to defend an empire, but now parts of the Great Wall of China are crumbling so badly they need someone to leap to their defense.

About 2,000 kilometers, or 30%, of the ancient fortification built in the Ming Dynasty era has disappeared due to natural erosion and human damage, according to the Beijing Times.”

In the Female Freestyle Wrestling World, China is producing a Great Wall of Female Wrestlers and we would like to introduce one of them to you.

Her name is Sun Yanan.

The widely recognized and respected female freestyle wrestling site intermatwrestle.com recently reported, “One of the most aggressive wrestlers in the world, Sun Yanan is not afraid to lift opponents off the mat to finish shots. Well-coached, well-trained and highly technical, her upcoming battles with Eri Tosaka of Japan at the World Championships and Asian Games will be decided by her ability to get on top and look for her ridiculous trap-arm series.”

Sun Yanan was born on 15 September 1992.

She is a freestyle wrestler from Liaoning China. She competes in the 51 kg division and won the silver medal in the same division at the 2012 World Wrestling Championships. She bettered her performance in the 2013 World Wrestling Championships where she won the gold medal after defeating Erdenechimegiin Sumiyaa of Mongolia.[adToAppearHere]

For those of you who are true fans of female wrestling, Sun Yanan is a name to know. According to unitedworldwrestlingamericas.org here are the world’s rankings as of February, 2015.

Asian Games silver medalist SUN Yanan (CHN) (above) and bronze medalist ZHONG Xuechun (CHN) won in Paris and London 2012 Olympic Games gold medalist Natalia VOROBIEVA (RUS) prevailed in Krasnoyarsk to reaffirm their positions at No.2 and No.3 in the rankings.

  1. Eri TOSAKA (JPN) – World No.1 (1)
    2. SUN Yanan (CHN) – Paris GP No.1 (2)
    3. Iwona MATKOWSKA (POL) – Paris GP No.2 (3)
    4. Mariya STADNYK (AZE) – World No.3 (4)
    5. KIM Hyon-Gyong (PRK) – World No.3 (5)
    6. Valentina ISLAMOVA (RUS) – Yarygin GP No.1 (not ranked)
    7. Yu MIYAHARA (JPN) – Yarygin GP No. 3 (nr)
    8. Elena VOSTRIKOVA (RUS) – Yarygin GP No.2 (nr)
    9. Victoria ANTHONY (USA) – Schultz Memorial No.1 (12)
    10. Genevieve MORRISON (CAN) – Schultz Memorial No.3 (nr)

Sun Yanan is making a name for herself in the freestyle community and now that we’ve been introduced to her, why don’t we travel to her home country and local region to learn more about the world that we share.

First let’s look at China and its booming population that we’ve heard so much about.

Our fun Travel Guide and translator, chinahighlights.com educates:

  • China has 5 megacities (urban areas of 10 million inhabitants – see above). This compared to 3 in India, 2 in the USA, Japan, and Brazil, and 1 in 14 other countries.
  • China has 14 cities of over 5 million people (Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Taipei, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Wuhan, Shenyang, Hangzhou, and Chongqing), whereas the USA has 8, India 7, Japan and Brazil 3, and 31 other countries have 1. So China has 21% of the world’s 5-million-person cities.
  • China has 41 cities of over 2 million people, 20% of the world total, compared with the USA’s 21, India’s 15, Brazil’s 12, and Japan’s 6.
  • China has 79 (16.5%) of the world’s 478 largest built up areas (i.e. city and connected suburbs), compared to 55 for India, 53 for the US and 50 for the EU. China has over 100 built up areas of over 1 million people!

That was powerful general information. Let’s make an excursion to Sun Yanan’s home region.

Liaoning is a province of the People’s Republic of China, located in the northeast of the country.

fciwomenswrestling.com article wikimedia photo
fciwomenswrestling.com article wikimedia photo

The modern province was established in 1907 as Fengtian or Fengtien province and the name was changed to Liaoning in 1929.

Liaoning is the southernmost part of Manchuria, the Chinese Northeast. It is also known in Chinese as “the Golden Triangle” from its shape and strategic location, with the Yellow Sea (Korea Bay and Bohai Sea) in the south, North Korea‘s North Pyongan and Chagang provinces in the southeast, Jilin to the northeast, Hebei to the southwest, and Inner Mongolia to the northwest.

The Yalu River marks its border with North Korea, emptying into the Korea Bay between Dandong in Liaoning and Sinuiju in North Korea.

fciwomenswrestling.com article wikimedia photo
fciwomenswrestling.com article wikimedia photo

Some view China as a secret society so let’s penetrate a little further with the informative site travelchinaguide.com taking the risks for us.

“In Shenyang, Liaoning’s capital city, there is a Manchu version of the Forbidden City known as the Shenyang Imperial Palace. Built on the same principles as the Forbidden City in Beijing, although much smaller in scope, it was completed by Huang Taiji in 1636. Second only to the Forbidden City, it is the most intact imperial building in existence in China. The Imperial Palace is a museum that features extensive exhibits of jade, ivory, artworks of Ming and Qing dynasties (including paintings, sculpture, enamels and ceramics), musical instruments, and a large display of 17th and 18th Centuries military equipment. It was in this palace in 1644 that Shunzhi became Emperor before he crossed the Great Wall to invade China.

Liaoning Province has frequent and quite special festivals that are not to be missed. Among them are: Dalian Spring Fireworks Festival, Dalian Chinese Scholar Tree Blossom Affairs, Dalian International Fashion Festival, and Shenyang International Ice and Snow Festival. Consider planning your trip to include one of the local wonderful festive events.”

That was good to know. All of this is making me hungry. Are you ready to eat?[adToAppearHere]

The respected site english.cri.cn is going to present us with dining options.

“Liaoning cuisine, originated from Shenyang City and developed on the basis of Shandong cuisine, and was later strongly influenced by the Manchu cooking style and foreign dishes, especially Japanese food, Korean food and Russian food. Such a combination makes Liaoning cuisine unique in color, aroma and taste. It is characterized by its use of strong flavors, salt and oil. It also pays attention to different cooking techniques and to the complexity of shapes. Thanks to meticulously selected materials and highly skilled preparations, Liaoning cuisine is well known for its uniqueness and is spoken highly by Chinese and foreign gourmets.”

I’m ecstatic that we had a chance to take a closer look at Sun Yanan and her part of the world. Her name is one that you will probably hear about for some time.

Our brief experience with her is verification that Female Wrestling is a global sport that allows us to travel the earth with our ears, eyes and appetite wide open.

~ ~ ~

Sources: brainyquote.com, Wikipedia, fciwomenswrestling.com, fciwomenswrestling2.com, FCI Elite Competitor,  photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.














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