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Student life can continually have you thinking about the future. There are tests to take, jobs to secure, loans to pay and expectations to meet.

Wouldn’t it be nice when you are having a nice moment to just stay there? article, Wikimedia photo article, Wikimedia photo

How often have you been caught in the trap of being somewhere that you are enjoying and keep thinking, “I can’t wait to come back again?” Perhaps just eliminate that thought, don’t concern yourself with coming back. Just enjoy it while you are there.[adToAppearHere]

One of the methodologies that can help you stay in the moment is meditation or yoga. A retailer that produces a unique selection of stylish yoga attire is Lululemon.

Have you tried them before? Their story is a fascinating one.

As shared at, “After 20 years in the surf, skate and snowboard business, founder Chip Wilson took the first commercial yoga class offered in Vancouver and found the result exhilarating. The post-yoga feeling was so close to surfing and snowboarding that it seemed obvious that yoga was an ideology whose time had come (again).

Cotton clothing was being used for sweaty, stretchy power yoga and seemed completely inappropriate to Chip, whose passion lay in technical athletic fabrics. From this, a design studio was born that became a yoga studio at night to pay the rent. Clothing was offered for sale and an underground yoga clothing movement was born. The success of the clothing was dependent on the feedback from yoga instructors who were asked to wear the products and provide their insights.

Founded in 1998, lululemon’s first real store opened in the beach area of Vancouver BC called Kitsilano, in November of 2000. The idea was to have the store be a community hub where people could learn and discuss the physical aspects of healthy living from yoga and diet to running and cycling as well as the mental aspects of living a powerful life of possibilities.”

Lululemon has come a long way with a very strong industry presence.

The entertaining information site relates, “Lululemon found the sweet spot: The prices are low enough that the brand is accessible but high enough to be seen as a status symbol, touted by a vocal and dedicated consumer base.[adToAppearHere]

The company is the ninth most valuable clothing brand worldwide with a brand value of about $2.9 billion in 2015. The active wear company has seen sales rise in the past year, and its share price has climbed as well, with stock up 16% in 2014.”

Much of their success seems to be tied to their life sustaining and fulfillment philosophy. At their site they continue, “We’re a values-based company with a mission to create components for people to live long, healthy and fun lives. Carrying out our mission is only possible with a healthy planet and thriving company; we’re taking steps to reduce our footprint across all areas of our business while also creating a positive, lasting impact in the world.

Our sustainability vision is to elevate the world from mediocrity to greatness by embracing social, environmental and economic health in every part of our organization and in all our global communities. We are working to be part of an elevated world that operates within nature’s boundaries and provides for human needs everywhere on Earth — including the opportunity for everyone to lead a happy and fulfilling life. No biggie, right?

We are working to be a model for community-led sustainability by inspiring and enabling leaders. We’re a company committed to developing leaders in the world and, now more than ever, we need people who face challenges and see opportunities. Our BHAG is to completely blur the line between what’s considered social, environmental and economic initiatives, celebrating solutions that speak to all three.”

So the next time you want to stay in the moment during a yoga or meditation session, lululemon has clothing designed to help you feel it. article, lululemon photo article, lululemon photo

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