Light Blue Perfume Breathes Life As it Can Be

When you are young, the future is filled with endless and exciting possibilities. article, photo article, photo

Dreams can come true and lives close to perfection can be realized.

A young woman can get a sense of the good life when she wears Light Blue Perfume.

Have you ever tried it? After hearing their story, perhaps you might want to explore the possibilities.

Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian luxury industry fashion house founded in 1985 in Legnano by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

The two met in Milan in 1980 and worked for the same fashion house. In 1982 they established a designer consulting studio; in time it grew to become “Dolce & Gabbana”. They presented their first women’s collection in 1985 in Milan, where a year later their store would open its doors.[adToAppearHere]

In 1988, they launched their leotard line, and in 1989 they began designing underwear and swimming costumes. Dolce & Gabbana started to export their products to Japan and other countries like the U.S., where they founded their own showroom in 1990.

In 1992, the same year they presented their men’s collection, they also launched their first perfume Dolce & Gabbana. They won the Woolmark award in 1991, and the prize “most feminine flavor of the year” in 1993. Towards the end of the 1990s their sales were around 500 million dollars and in 2003 their revenue reached $633 million. By 2005, their turnover was €600 million.

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Have you ever tried their Light Blue Perfume?

Many of our Female Submission Wrestlers are former Runway Models, Ballerinas, Dancers and current Fetish Models who deserve to be encased in elegance.

Light Blue perfume appears to be the ticket to that perfect packaging.

Here is what the high end retail stores are saying about Light Blue.

The respected site smiles, “A stunning perfume, overwhelming and irresistible like the joy of living. The scent is surprisingly colored with the liveliness of Sicilian citron, the happiness of Granny Smith apple, and the spontaneity of bluebells. Feminine and resolute notes are expressed with the intensity of jasmine, the freshness of bamboo, and the charm of white rose. The deep and true base embodies the character of cedar wood, the fullness of amber, and the embrace of musk.”

The high end retailer kisses, “A fruity floral scent that speaks of sun-drenched days and nights that linger long in memory. The Light Blue woman is a captivating contemporary siren, enthralling all in her wake. Here is a woman no man can resist; hence she has nothing to prove.”

Who are we to question that? [adToAppearHere]

The sweet smelling site splashes, “Light Blue Perfume by Dolce & Gabbana, An impish note of green apple emanates from the latest creation of the most impertinent of Italian designers. Light blue, is not a lighter version despite its name. It sparkles with flowers and fruit notes that are an enticement to joie de vivre. The fragrance opens on a fresh and gourmet note of Sicily cedar, granny smith apple and bluebells. The middle note is a bouquet of jasmine, bamboo and white rose. The end note reveals hints of cedar wood, amber and musk.”

One of the world’s elegant retailers, approves, “A stunning perfume, overwhelming and irresistible like the joy of living. Evokes the spirit of Italy, the infinite sky, the deep sea and lighthearted joy. Surprising and colored: the liveliness of Sicilian citron, the happiness of Granny Smith apple, and the spontaneity of bluebells. Feminine and resolute: the intensity of jasmine, the freshness of bamboo, the charm of white rose. Deep and true: the character of cedar wood, the fullness of amber, the embrace of musk.”

After that, even if you never tried this treasured perfume, don’t you feel you can smell it? Just a little?

What enabled these talented men to create this desirable perfume and what was their methodology in producing their successful marketing campaign. They speak for themselves at

With confidence they inspire, “Transmitting the same effortless allure Mario Testino captures in photographs, it is a postcard of the Mediterranean, its landscape, romance and beauty. The white rubber raft in front of Capri’s famous Faraglioni rocks; and the lovers, their gaze, their kiss, and their pure white swimsuits. In the collective imagination, the Italian lifestyle has become part of contemporary iconography.

We wanted to capture the electricity and the excitement of a love affair with a strong Mediterranean woman. Bianca has featured in many Dolce&Gabbana campaigns, but to see her with David brings a renewed, relaxed energy to Light Blue. Together, their eyes match the color of the water, that beautiful endless blue that is the Mediterranean surrounding Capri. Watching it is to dream of plunging into that refreshing sea and feel the sun on the skin, to feel totally free.” says Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.


Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue: The joy of living the light blue Mediterranean life. Rediscover the original celebration of sensual Mediterranean style. Capturing sun-drenched summer days and dazzling nights, this colorful, fresh, floral-fruity scent reflects the sexiness of the Mediterranean lifestyle.


A timeless design inspired by the classic Dolce&Gabbana perfume, the Light Blue shape is confident but always very feminine. Its light blue cap evokes the clear skies of the Mediterranean. The bottle itself is strong, reflecting today’s modern woman.

Well said.

Part of the allure of the Fashion Industry and all of her essential support systems is that she stimulates our imagine to help us envision life not as it is but instead whispers to us the epitome of what it can be.

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