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Girl’s Sports: The Secrets to a Successful Workout

Growing up as a little girl I loved to play outside. I played sports with all the other boys in the neighborhood. Football, baseball, basketball, and street hockey. As I got older and moved into high school I started doing calisthenics in my bedroom. I worked up a half hour routine that I did daily. When I went to college, I purchased my own 110 lb weight set, purchased a Lisa Lyons book and began my weight lifting career.

OK, well not a career, it was a routine that I did for the next 30 years or so depending upon whether I was working out at home or in the gym. In my 20’s going to the “gym” was the thing to do. When I first got out of college and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area I joined a local gym. I think it was a 24 hour fitness Center. They were the fastest growing club to join and had the best facilities and best prices.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, 24 hour fitness photo
fciwomenswrestling.com article, 24 hour fitness photo

The placed was filled with all types of specialized workout machines that would isolate any and every muscle in your body to help you grow stronger. I would get into the gym early, ride the life cycles for 30 minutes or so and then hit the circuit machines. I spent many hours living in the “gym” working out my body. The “gyms” have changed a lot and many have come and gone.

Things have also change with the internet in regards to fitness. Anyone now can make a 3 minute video to show you the proper way to do certain exercises. If you did a random Google search on fitness methods there are many to choose from. Metabolic Density Training, HIIT, Crossfit, Turbulence Training, Going to the Gym, Free Weights, Weight Machines, What makes one better than another? Good question. That is why I’m going to give you the secrets to a successful workout.

The first secret is to DO YOUR WORKOUT, whatever workout you choose, it will only serve you well… if you actually do it. What this means is, if your workout does not fit the circumstances of your life, the odds of you doing it go way down. In fact, if your like most people, you will just stop altogether. The first thing that you need to decided is just what time you can devote to working out.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, 24 hour fitness photo
fciwomenswrestling.com article, 24 hour fitness photo

Figure out just what time of day you can fit in a workout and how many days a week that you can add one more thing. This may also involve making some other decisions, like instead of staying in bed till the last possible minute, you may choose to get up earlier to get in a workout. You may decide to give up going out to lunch and replace that with some type of workout. Once you’ve determined what you will devote to working out you will need to find a workout that fits into those allotted times that will also support your health and fitness goals. See my article, “Goal Setting, I Want to but… I Could Use Some Help.” The second secret is to set your health and fitness goals.[adToAppearHere]

Now that you know what you want to move towards you have to actually put together the workouts that you will do. With all the choices available how do you decide? There are many fancy names for workouts these days. Here are the important things to consider. What workout will maximize the benefit and minimize the time needed to gain that benefit.

I’ve reviewed and used many of the workouts available online and the most effective ones include the following: Compound movements, intervals & intensity, increasing weights or increasing repetitions & sets or both, systematic change, cardio maximization, rest and fueling your body well. These items require a bit of a discussion on their own so I will be discussing them in my next blog. Don’t miss it to gain the rest of the secrets to a successful workout.[adToAppearHere]

Jen Thorne is an accomplished wife, mother of five, business women, and church leader. She has overcome many places of brokenness in her own life with God’s help. She loves to help others by creating peace in their chaos. You can read more from Jen at http://www.jenthorne.com.

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