Pilates: The Sought After Exercise Regimen for Dancers

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By Ev Margolin

Pilates is an excellent exercise for dancers because it helps move the body to optimum health with a smooth range of flowing movement – while building strength and agility.

But what makes Pilates such a sought-after exercise regimen?

Joseph Hubertus Pilates developed this highly acclaimed restorative exercise system approximately 80 years ago. As a child, Joseph was often prone to illness. He caught many afflictions including Rheumatic Heart Disease. While suffering many of these dreadful afflictions he sought to strengthen himself through physical activity. He later took up boxing, circus performing and also became a gymnast to try to restore his strength and improve his health.

Actually while taking part in these sports, he developed his own style of exercise, which helped him regain his health. The years of regaining his personal strength and health led to him using these same methods on others who were also ill.[adToAppearHere]

During World War I (WWI) while interning in England he worked as a nurse in the hospital implementing his strict exercise system on the patients who were ill. And during this time Spanish influenza took over the lives of many. However, the patients under Joseph’s care survived the disease, which brought the attention of many leaders – specifically Hitler who requested his services to train his troops. However, Joseph declined and continued his exercise system to restore the health and fitness of his patients.

Joseph later left England to start a new life in America. It is here that he met his wife Clara who at the time, was a trained nurse. They later married and opened up their own studio using the skills they had acquired over the years – specifically Joseph’s successful fitness exercise program. He and his wife helped restore the bodies of regular citizens who flocked to their studio, but became even more recognized as the two who could restore the bodies of dancers and theatre workers. They helped many with injuries, rehabilitation, general fitness and posture.

At the time, Joseph also developed several pieces of equipment that were very effective at improving the flexibility, strength and stability of his patients. The word spread rapidly about their studio and Pilates slowly became known for what it is today – one of the safest and most effective ways at obtaining optimal health and fitness.

That is why many movie stars like Madonna, Daisy Fuentes, Julia Roberts and Brooke Shields have praised its effectiveness. Well, actually you can see the effectiveness of Pilates by simply looking at the physiques of these beautiful celebrities. Pilates helps maintain the shapes of these movie stars by integrating body and mind.

The execution of simple, yet small repetitions of exercise over the common repeated exercise repetitions make Pilates a unique yet effective way to restore the body to the best level of health and fitness. It’s a refreshing and therapeutic way to add flexibility and strength to your body while improving your posture.[adToAppearHere]

Want longer, leaner muscles? Pilates is a must for both fitness enthusiasts and those looking for a new way to get in shape. Dancers will definitely find it one of the best workout routines to build strength and agility, which are essential to dance.

Evan Margolin shares his passion for salsa through his premier salsa studio DancsSF, in the Bay Area. Evan says, “If you want to achieve the Dancer’s body, you have got to try PilatesforDancers.” (http://www.PilatesforDancers.com)

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