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Self Defense For Teenage Girls, Important Tips

Self-Defense for Teenage Girls


eenage girls have it hard. They have a lot of responsibilities and they undergo a lot of pressure. To make matters worse, they are often targeted by criminals. It’s easy to see why this is the case. After all, they are girls. To make matters worse for them, they are teenage girls. This is why criminals will think that they are easier targets.

Teenage girls should know how to defend themselves.

As a teenage girl, your parents won’t be there all the time to watch over you. This is why it’s a good idea for you to learn self-defense. Better yet, learn self-defense for teenage girls. Here are some of the things that you can do:[adToAppearHere]

· Use your common sense.

This is where you need to mature a little more. Right now, you’re probably thinking that your biggest threat is the high school bully that you have. Here’s the bad news, you have bigger problems. Use your common sense and avoid potentially dangerous areas like dimly lit track fields, empty parking lots, shady alleys, wild parties and the likes.

· Pack your bags with self-defense tools.

Now, it may be illegal for someone as young as you to carry self-defense tools like pepper sprays and stun guns. Check your local laws just to be sure. For now, you can depend on self-defense tools like keys, pens, sticks and the likes. Know how you can use them to your advantage.

· Train your vocal chords.

Still, your best course of action is to ask for help. This is where your well-trained vocal chords can help you. Shout for help at the top of your lungs. You just need to startle your attacker just enough for him to panic. Since most attackers’ first course of action is to cover your mouth, a device that emits high-pitched sounds at the press of a button can also help.

· Learn self-defense for teenage girls.

You may think that you’re too young to attend self-defense classes. However, you have to know that girls younger than you have mastered martial arts. Besides, you don’t need to be a master martial artist. You just have to know enough moves that can incapacitate your attacker so you can run away.

· Get out of there.

If you feel that you’re being watched, get out of there. If you notice someone following you, get out of there. Go to where there are a lot of people.[adToAppearHere]

· Give what he wants.

Sometimes, it makes better sense to just give what he wants in order to stay alive. Is he just robbing you? Give him your wallet and phone. Again, this is where common sense can help you.

With these self-defense for teenage girls strategies, you can get out of teenage life alive and unharmed.

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Rocco Sarracino is married and living with his wife and family in Helendale, CA. He is a martial arts instructor and self-defense expert with over 30 years experience teaching individuals and businesses to be more aware and protected from crime. He is the founder of Family Safe Defense; [http://FamilySafeDefense.com]


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