Teen Girls Know What Fashions They Want

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Any parent who has finished raising teenagers and survived knows that when they make their minds up that magenta is beautiful, there is no way that you can convince them otherwise.

You can’t tell a teenager what to do.

Motivate them? Inspire them? Direct them (carefully)?


So, since many of the leaders in the fashion industry are parents of teenagers, you would think that they would be wise enough not to tell teens how to think, what to do or heaven forbid…..what to wear.

They didn’t seem to get the memo.

As reported in theguardian.com, “Once-popular stores have fallen out of favor among fickle teen shoppers. Here’s what’s trending – and what’s falling flat

Abercrombie & Fitch, the retailer for teens best known for its surf-inspired togs peddled by shirtless young men with six-pack abs, is in trouble again.

The retailer, along with a host of other clothing companies catering to the coveted under-25 set, is struggling to survive. A seismic shift can be witnessed at malls across the country.”

Simply stated companies that manufacture fashion lines with their names and logos on them, once seen as chic and elite are not the it thing anymore.

For girls in particular, guess what has replaced them?

The respected market news source businessinsider.com educates, “The popularity of leggings has long been derided by the “leggings aren’t pants” crowd, but a new reports indicates that the trend is far from over.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, lululemon.com photo
fciwomenswrestling.com article, lululemon.com photo

Leggings and Lululemon are still the top teen fashion trend, according to Piper Jaffray’s semiannual report on teen spending released Friday. The “Leggings/Lululemon” category, which encompasses clothing made by the yoga-inspired apparel company, accounted for 25% of upper-income female teen mindshare, making the category the No. 1 most popular trend as measured by how much teens are thinking it.[adToAppearHere]

Leggings beat out the competition by an impressive degree in the report, which surveys roughly 6,500 teens across the US.”

Just as soon as the fashion industry thinks they have figured out the likes of teens, the winds of change sweep them off their feet.

Only the teenagers know for sure what they want.

For the moment.

We’ve found a visiting writer who confirms this. Please enjoy her thoughts.

Teen Girls Know What Fashions They Want

By Jean Hull 

Teen girls know what they want in this day and age, and what they want is a good bargain for their clothes. Many of the teenagers in this generation are trying to get top of the line clothes but they, like everyone else in this recession, don’t have the money.

Teenagers are growing up in a day and age where they are seeing that their parents are not able to buy the top of the line items that they were able to only years ago. They now are starting to get jobs to help out their families. This also includes buying their own clothes. It is not an uncommon sight to see teen girls and their friends in outlet stores shopping for the latest fashions at a quarter of the price. While most would say that this hasn’t been an uncommon sight for many years now, I think it’s safe to say that it has increased a lot in the last five years.

Another business that has been booming since the recession has been thrift stores. Teen girls are creative, and are able to go into a thrift store and find articles of clothing that others have thrown away, modify them just slightly, and create an entirely different look. This is never more obvious as when it comes time for junior prom.[adToAppearHere]

Prom time is an important time for all teen girls, and when it comes to junior prom, they seem to want to go all out. At this time, teen girls go out of their way to try and find better bargains. Better bargains for their dresses, better bargains for their shoes, and better bargains for their accessories. Many stores can be a hot spot for girls at this time, not just thrift stores, or second hand stores, but also pawn shops. The sixteen year old of today is able to go through their town and find the bargains that they need to make prom the night they always dreamed it would be.

While prom is an important reason for a teen girl to go shopping, sixteen is often the age that girls start going on their first date. I think we can all agree that one thing that often drives the need for the best of the best in fashion is a date. They seem to spend a great deal of their time making sure that everything is perfect for the person that they are trying to impress. This once again doesn’t stop at just the clothes they are wearing but the accessories as well. Jewelry has become an important part of what every girl is wearing, from the bangle bracelets to the large necklaces, which are picked perfectly to match the outfit.

Today’s teen girl is more attuned to the fashion choices that are out there, and most of them are not willing, or not able to pay the full price. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to look as though they just walked off the catwalk with the latest styles of the season.

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