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Erin Elizabeth McCarley is an alternative music singer-songwriter.

It is so easy to get mesmerized by her singing. With Deorro Ft. her moving tune, I Can Be Somebody is a complete winner.

She attended college at Baylor University, and is now based in Nashville, Tennessee.

She has been compared to Sara Bareilles, Regina Spektor, and Sheryl Crow. Erin released her follow-up to 2009’s Love, Save the Empty on August 28, 2012, titled My Stadium Electric.

We compare her to genius.

Millions go to her concerts and concerts like it.

As a student, perhaps you go to great concerts too.

They are so much fun but they can be tough on the ears. You heart will sing but your ears might ring.

What can you do to help minimize the damage to your ears but still have fun at Electronic Dance Music concerts.

How to Avoid and Minimize Ringing Ears in Concerts article, wikimedia photo

 By Dan Skordahl 

While it is more common nowadays for teenagers to go the concerts of their favorite bands or actors, it may have a harmful effect to health. Sure it is really fun to get to watch the bands you love play it live and loud and to enjoy being in the crowd cheering for the band. After the really fun show, have you experienced having a difficulty in hearing? Do you hear a loud ringing inside one or both of your ears? You may have abused your hearing, and as a result, you would get ringing ears in concerts.

This hearing disorder is known in medical terms as tinnitus. The most common thing that could cause your tinnitus is being exposed to really loud noises. The sounds from a rock concert can reach really loud volumes. The sounds that they would produce can sometimes be stronger than firecrackers going off at close range.

If you get ringing ears in concerts after your band’s performance, you might not be able to perform well at your tasks. Tinnitus can really affect your work, making you lose concentration when you really need it. This is why some people get pissed every time they need to do something, they just can’t because a ringing in their ears is always bothering them

It can be really disconcerting for people to keep on hearing ringing in their ears. They really could not do their job well, and these people can get pretty irritated because the ringing in their ears keeps on coming back.

Tinnitus can be heard as a variety of sounds that are quite unique to the individual experiencing it. Some people may get to hear the tinnitus as an ear piercing squeal. Other people can hear the sound of tinnitus as a low frequency rumble. Its intensity and loudness also vary from one individual to another. At times, it can be quite insignificant. Sometimes though, the tinnitus can really be heard as a loud noise.

Tinnitus sustained from listening to concerts is usually temporary. It may just go for a couple of seconds. In more severe cases, the tinnitus will be somewhat permanent. If your tinnitus lasts for more than a few days, you should try to make an appointment to your doctor. He may advise you on what types of medicines that you should take to eliminate the signs of tinnitus.[adToAppearHere]

When you really want to go to concerts or events akin to these, you should always protect yourself. One way of protecting yourself from ringing ears is to use ear buds whenever you need. There are some ear buds that are quite discreet and unnoticeable. You can go to a concert and still feel the beat and intensity, and you won’t have to worry that somebody would cast a weird look at you.

Using earplugs can greatly reduce your risks of having a ringing ears at concerts. If you are in a budget and can’t afford earplugs, the best thing you could do is probably try to maintain a comfortable distance away from the concert loudspeakers. You could still hear the music that your favorite band plays and can jam to the grove of the music while protecting your ears from damage that can cause tinnitus.[adToAppearHere]

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