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Acai juice is everywhere around you. Renowned famous people are talking a lot about the berries, doctors also recommend it and naturally several companies are in this business to make money on this fabulous acai berry juice. The acai berry fruit is largely seen on the beaches of Braziland Peru. You can also find them in the dense Amazon rain forest. Hundreds of years ago, the natives of Brazilstarted harvesting acai so that they could overcome a scarcity of food. In the beginning they took the juice from the acai fruit so that they can produce red wine.

Acai berry fruit, as well as its juice, contains high amounts of antioxidants. Antioxidants in acai juice are 10 times more than that of red grapes, 30 times more than pomegranates and 2 times more than blueberries.  Acai is considered to be the number one super fruit and is said to be the most nutritionally dense berries because of the extensive vitamins, minerals, omega fats, dietary fibers and other essential properties that are required for the betterment of our health and our strength.

Acai juice is said to have more antioxidants in comparison to grapes, pomegranates, and blueberries. Because of the massive quantity vitamins, amino acids, minerals, Omega acids, and other components, the acai berry fruit, as well as their products, are said to be the most nutritious fruit.

Because of the hype, there are a multitude of companies who are trying to cash in on the popularity of acai juice. That is why you want to be careful and do your homework when you are researching a company that develops the juice. Try to determine what their quality control standards are, what procedures they use to make the juice, and explore the Internet for negative information regarding the company. Any time a health food achieves enormous popularity similar to the acai berry, you’ll see a great deal of unscrupulous businesses emerging out of the woodwork to make money. Experts say that it is best to look for a company who expects the utmost quality control standards, registered organic and even registered kosher. Quality control is a significant step to pure, organic acai juice and without it you will be paying for just an average fruit juice and at the same time you are not gaining the benefits from the acai berry fruit.

The difficulties that the customers have to face:

QUALITY: Searching for an acai company that creates a quality, nutritious, pure acai products who will not scam you. Since acai is so popular these days, many manufacturing businesses have entered the marketplace creating juiced acai products with ingredients that provides you with NONE of the benefits that a trustworthy acai will provide you.

FREE TRIAL SCAMMERS:  Free trials are not truly free because you have to pay the shipping charges. The reason they charge you for shipping is because then they can get your credit card info and send you a bill every month. The truth is that “free trial” offerings out there that ensure a free trial will instead start charging you a fixed amount every month without your knowledge – that makes it very difficult for you to challenge the transaction.


Products that are USDA Evidenced organic are intended to guarantee consumers that the organic foods they purchase are made, prepared, and qualified to be uniform with national organic standards. This is essential because if you are purchasing an acai product that is non-organic, it could contain pesticides and toxins. Acai supplements which are free from chemicals and preservatives will give you maximum benefits. Several companies also go a step further and certify their acai product with Kosher certification as well. This quality control certification determines that you are getting the highest quality acai juice or capsules accessible on the market today. Kosher certification is not at all a simple task to achieve.

Make sure that the acai juice has no added sugar. You don’t want sugar in your acai because sugar is the number one reason for inflammation and acai is an anti-inflammatory. Also acai is considered to be a product that combats cancer of the blood (leukemia). Cancer feeds off of sugar. Also ensure that the juice you are purchasing contains no preservatives. When purchasing any health supplements, sometimes the benefits can be canceled out by the preservatives that are added to the product.

Make sure the acai product you are purchasing is raw to preserve the properties of the acai pulp and fruit. An authentic acai juice is thick. It has no water added to it, no sugar, no preservatives, no sodium, just pure organic acai pulp. You must also search for acai juice that has at the least 3000 ORACs per one oz. portion. Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) is a method of valuing antioxidant capabilities of various foods. If an acai company doesn’t refer the ORAC levels of their acai, it is in all probability because their levels are very low. Superior quality acai supplements have high ORAC levels

See if the acai you wish to buy is available at your nearby store. Real acai companies sell their supplements in stores, whereas the fake companies sell their products only through online mediums because they are not official enough to get their supplements into major chain stores. Acai is pasteurized or at the least flash pasteurized to kill off micros and bacteria. Anyone indicating they are trading unpasteurized acai is not being truthful since it is not permitted by the FDA. When the process of pasteurization is completed appropriately and at the correct temperatures, the acai will remain unharmed.[adToAppearHere]

While acai is available to us in several formats like puree, raw, pulp, frozen, powder, capsules, pills, etc, the finest way to take it is through a quality acai juice product that has high quality of control standards.

Acai berry products and acai juice are being talked about worldwide because of the numerous health benefits that they offer to all those who consume these products. The nutrients, vitamins, minerals, omega fats and antioxidant power of acai juice and acai products is enormous. The only problem is that consumers need to find authentic products that meet all of the quality standards so that these benefits are actually realized. Now you can cut right to the chase and save yourself some valuable time. offers only the finest, top-quality, organic acai juice and acai berry products. Stop searching and start benefiting today! Order online and we will deliver your acai products right to your front door.[adToAppearHere]

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