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Why Schools, Colleges and Students Prefer Synthetic Turf, Do You?


When you ask any college or school student what his or her much loved subject, they will end up saying sports and recess. Recreation and sports play a big role in all students’ college and school lives, frequently they developing into a lifelong interest. For such enthusiastic students it’s up to synthetic turf companies to offer the best grass. When 30 years ago when artificial turf surfaces were introduced, many preferred and suggested that playing on natural grass surfaces were safer as they would cause lesser injuries, especially bruises and knee injuries. However now this situation has completely changed in the recent years, thanks to all the artificial grass companies!

After following newer manufacturing techniques and introducing efficient installation procedures, things have really changed! Recent studies show that these new kind of artificial grass gives lower injury rates that are a fraction of the injury rates from the earlier studies of artificial turfs. Amazingly these facts also show that new rates are actually lower than the injury rates experienced on natural turf surfaces. If you compare artificial turf products in today’s market versus natural grass, there are several reasons to choose faux lawns.

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Fake lawns will help you to save lot of money on maintenance, they increase playability and usage; hence these benefits will become an important community and economic assets for college or school districts and municipalities who are investing in them. Similarly firms experienced with these kinds of products are more often able to find funding for field projects through grant partnerships and research with community groups and youths.

Except for some local restrictions, synthetic lawns are always available to use twenty four hours a day, seven days per week and all the 365 days per year! Synthetic surfaces don’t become muddy during rains. These grasses don’t need to lie fallow to give recovery time from its overuse. Studies of jurisdictions which have converted natural grasses to artificial turfs recommend that the usage of field might be increased by a factor of three times, with no reduction in the quality of field surface.[adToAppearHere]

Due to environmental issues like global warming and conservation of natural resources, students and the management prefer to use artificial lawns to save gallons of precious water. And the best part of syn grass is that, they don’t require any lawn mover, then it means no more wasting gas for the lawn movers and of course this is very economical for the school or college.[adToAppearHere]

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