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We prize innovation because it hurls us forward into a brighter future filled with wonder and new excitement that will soon become common place but not to be taken for granted.

Girls wrestling tournaments, once just a vision, are now becoming more frequent in their organization and participation and are growing from state to state.

The New York Wrestling Association for Youth is determined to see the growth in Girl’s Wrestling Tournaments continues to rise.

“Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.”… William Pollard

At they inspire, “We look forward to creating together more and more opportunities for girl wrestling in New York.”

Their mission is to strive towards the growth of the sport of Wrestling for athletes and their families in the State of New York.

It’s a noble and innovative cause.

The passion for the sport is infectious.

At they speak of their great works. “War of the Roses wrestling tournaments are girls-focused events. We encourage you to bring your girls’ and women’s teams to compete against quality athletes and receive training all in one unique event.” article, Michigan Girls Wrestling photo credit

What to expect at a War of the Roses tournament?

  • Most tournaments will have a weigh-in the night before the event in addition to the morning of the tournament.
  • We do not suggest weight cutting for young children and most tournaments under 100 kids will end up using blocked weights.
  • A free wrestling clinic with an emphasis on freestyle will follow weigh-ins.
  • Tournaments will be Round Robin to get the girls as many quality matches as possible. Custom awards to all participants.

The innovation is spreading from state to state.

The Colorado High School Activities Association are doing their part as well.

On December 9, 2016 their dynamic and educational site shares,Girls wrestling is getting a trial run this season.

A few girls-only tournaments have been set up as pilots as the possibility of adding girls wrestling continues to be explored. The idea was spawned out of a wrestling subcommittee which met on Nov. 15.

They will help in determining if “there are enough girls in the state that are interested in wrestling to make it feasible to add girls wrestling as a sanction sport,” according a letter from wrestling committee chair Ernie Derrera.”

The girls-only tournaments will use the following guidelines:

  • Any girls seeking to compete must be a current member of her high school team, and meet all eligibility requirements of student-athletes.
  • They tournaments will use seven of the 14 weight classes in place in California: 101, 111, 121, 131, 143, 160 and 189.
  • Girls who wrestle in a girls-only event cannot be “double-bracketed” into both the girls-only tournament and the concurring event.
  • Matches in girls-only events will not count towards season records, and they may not be used for postseason seeding purposes.
  • The girls-only tournaments will not count toward a team’s 28-point limit.

If the pilots are successful, it follows that the possibility of adding girls wrestling would become increasingly likely.

Innovation is a fascinating subject.

We have a visiting female writer who will develop it further.

The Difference Between Creativity and Innovation article, photo credit

By Wendy Peterson    Submitted On July 14, 2016

I think creativity is indeed thinking up new concepts/things. Innovation is making this new concept/thing practical in a novel way. Creativity is dreaming up a new invention and innovation is making it real in ones own unique way. When you bring something new into existence you can say you created it. You cannot say you innovated it. And again when you improve something that already exists you cannot say you created it but you can say you innovated it.[adToAppearHere]

Henry Ford created the assembly line for car production. The Japanese perfected this concept by introducing their own unique innovations/changes/improvements. Lots of people are creative but they are not innovate enough to make their creations practical. Innovation makes creativity practical and efficient. Most inventors fail because they are not innovative enough. Most painters are creative but when they introduce innovation in their creation/art they become artists. Without creativity there is no product/concept that needs implementation and once something new is thought up it needs innovation. Research and development is about innovation. Sometimes innovation can lead to a realization of the creation being impractical and so this new creative idea may be abandoned and a new creative idea may be born thus innovation may lead to creativity. Innovation is giving a new direction to an existing idea.[adToAppearHere]

There is confusion and fuzziness between creativity and innovation because indeed innovation is about creating new ways to implement the existing/created concept. Thus they both have creativity in them. Innovation also involves elements of creativity.

All PhD courses are for researching innovative ways of doing the old stuff in better and more efficient ways. Innovation is about solving existing problems. At a deeper level innovation is research. At the research institutes they are creating better and better innovations for existing solutions. One does not require a PhD for creativity but for innovation at the cutting edge highest level a PhD is almost an essential requirement. In fact at the university level innovation is preferred over creativity. For any newly created ideas are doubted till they can be scientifically defined, measured and tested and this involves complex and time consuming investigations not to mention finances. However anything that is already in use and has proved its utility then any improvement through innovation is accepted whole heartedly. My own invention, ‘Vacuum power generators’ is based on a sound principle that, ‘nature abhors a vacuum’; however it was rejected at the highest levels of the US government because of another sound principle ‘The law of conservation of energy’. The law of conservation of energy says that the energy you put in will give back less due to friction. But in nature there are exceptions to this law! Hydraulic pressure, fulcrum power all give back more energy than they take in. And vacuum power is the fulcrum of wind power. But it is an unproven and too radical an idea and also requires tons of money to make a proto type. On the other hand my little innovation of tweaking a little improvement in the baby milk bottle I was able to sell right away.[adToAppearHere]

Creativity is essential for innovation for a product must exist at least in a concept stage for you cannot innovate anything that does not exist. Thus innovation depends on creativity while creativity does not depend on innovation. Though the better success of creativity depends on innovation.

Creativity = Invention while Innovation = improvements = changes to make it effective and efficient = making it practical = researching new ways to produce and improve creativity = the act of producing the same concept in a newer and improved form.

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