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Annual traditions prevail and as of this August 24, 2017 writing, another new school year is approaching.

Some things do change but something that will never change is the need to set goals that will help a student increase her odds for success.

As you enjoy the fall weather and College Game Day, in between you might want to take note of some great ideas that will help you visual some very important goals.

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By Nikki Judge

With 2017 being a number One year in Numerology (2017 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 = 1+0 = 1), you may find yourself facing a new year filled with new goals. Number One years are known for bringing new beginnings, new ways of thinking, new interests and/or attitudes. Therefore it is worth being prepared to know how to reach your goals!

As you move through the year, here are 10 easy ways to include the Spirit’s help to reach your goals.

  1. Ask your Spirit

Ask the Spirit to help you reach your goals. You would be surprised how much you can receive if you only ask for it. Set solid goals in your mind and ask the Spirit consciously for the strength and skills so that your goals can become reality. Have a conversation with the Spirit about your goals even while driving to work. Use the Spirit as a sounding board for new ideas.

  1. Use a piece of paper

Write your goals on a piece of paper and put it where you can always see it. Take a moment, allow to focus your attention on the individual goal as you read it each day. Re-evaluate the goals each month to help you stay focused and keep your intentions fresh.

  1. Tell your Family

You have already asked the Spirit for help, now spread the word about your goals. Let your community, your friends and family know your about goals! You do not have to spill all the details, but talk about the goals you set in general. Share each step of your progress with others. Reach out to friends when there has been a setback and you need a little encouragement to go on.

  1. Ceremony or Prayer

Create a ceremony or pray to recognize your goals. A ceremony need not be a long process, but it should identify the goals and your desire to achieve them. This is something you can conduct any time throughout the year to focus your energy towards achieving your goals.[adToAppearHere]

  1. Take action

Do something to reach your goals every day – if you cannot take physical action towards your goal, you can still pray asking the Spirit to help you continue. Perform your goal ceremony to reignite lagging interest and to rekindle your intentions.

  1. Remember your goal

Put something on your home altar that represents your goal. If your goal is losing weight, pick a picture that represents healthy weight loss. A piece of rose quartz would be perfect for those who aim at a better, more functional romantic relationship.

  1. Mantra

Mantras are powerful things and highly support you to reach your goals. Use a mantra that helps you to stay positive and working towards the goal. Whether you use a favorite quote or make up a mantra of your own, having a mantra that helps keep you in touch with your natural state of strength and stay focused and feel empowered to achieve.

  1. A theme song

Pick a theme song for your goal. Use it as a part of your Ceremony for your goal. Whether you choose the 1812 Overture, the Theme from Rocky, or Shake It Off, it is your choice. When you are feeling disconnected, you can play the theme song and remind yourself why you set the goal in the first place.[adToAppearHere]

  1. Create a goal journal.

Use a nice blank page of a journal book or a simple pad of paper, but have a designated goal journal where you record what has worked while working on your purpose and what hasn’t. Put your goal, your mantra, your theme song, inspirational sayings down in writing… and whatever else you think will help you get through the hard times… then, when you need your journal – use it; go back to page one and see how far you have gone! Your journal makes you accountable for the most important part of the achievement – yourself.

  1. Be thankful

Finally, as in all things, act responsibly towards yourself and what you’re targeting and be thankful to the Spirit – thank the Spirit for any progress toward your goal each day. This will help keep you focused and remind you of the importance of your goal. If it was important enough to ask the Spirit’s help to complete each day, being thankful for each completed step would remind you of your goal and purpose.

By incorporating the Spirit in your goal achievement process, you are putting your energy and intention into positive alignment to your soul’s purpose.[adToAppearHere]

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