Female Sports Well Supported In Northern Ireland

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Good news travels fast and sometimes it travels far.

In the case of the new world of female sports there is an intriguing group in Ireland who are contributing to the betterment of female sports.

Let’s meet them.

fcielitecompetitor.com article, Female Sports Forum Twitter photo credit

At femalesportsforum.com they introduce themselves to us and explain what they are about. “Five Governing Bodies joined forces in January 2010 to establish the “Female Sport Forum” to work together to increase opportunities for females to participate in sport and physical activity. Our aim is to raise the profile of female sport and create a better sporting experience for all women and girls at whatever level or ability across Northern Ireland.

The forum is a unique collaboration between Ulster Hockey, Ulster Camogie, Ulster Ladies Gaelic, Ulster Rugby and the Irish Football Association. We are supported by Sport Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland Sports Forum and Ulster University.”

With that foundation it is important to have a clear vision and they certainly do.

They speak to this as well. “Our Vision is for every woman and girl across Northern Ireland to feel that participating in sport and being physically active is a vital part of their everyday life.

The Female Sports Forum is committed to increasing female participation in sport and active recreation and ensuring that all females are given the opportunity to take part in sport and active recreation, no matter what their age, ability, race or creed. By participation we mean coaching, leading, officiating as well as being physically active – by choosing either sport or active recreation.

We are focused on raising the profile of female sport, and on empowering females to make the choice to be active, in an activity of their choosing.

We want every woman and girl to be Active, Fit and Sporty.

We commit to taking positive action to make a change for female sport across Northern Ireland.

We as a group look forward to working in partnership with all to achieve positive action for change!”

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if that vision was adopted for female sports around the globe?

Let’s turn our attention to a visiting speaking who speaks in union.

Improving the Performance of the Female Athlete

By Michael W Gladbach 

Women in sports are not a new phenomena, but the rate at which the athletic performance of women has improved is just such a phenomena.

Each and every year now we are seeing female athletic records in all sports being broken, and then broken again. The reasons are many, more women involved in sports from an early age, more competitive environment in women’s sports, better training methods, and better more knowledgeable coaches.

I’m a father of three daughters, and a son who all played sports over the past 20 years or so. If you are of the baby boomer era, you may be able to relate. There always seemed to be a coaching difference between the successful mens/boys coaches, and the successful girls/women’s coaches. Not so much in terms of what defense or offensive system was run, but in general the coaches personality whether male or female was different. In recent years this has changed Pat Summit is just as tough on her girls as any male counterpart, and she is the mentor for many successful women’s coaches today. The competitive nature of female sports has caused the competitive personalities of both coaches and players to grow to a level of certain equality amongst the males of the sports clan.[adToAppearHere]

The one area of female athletics that has only more recently evolved is the specification of training for the female athlete. Coaches, Trainers, Doctors have all worked in tandem to realize that athletic training needs for females requires a different program than that of males. One of the best examples are the knees, women in sports suffer a much greater number of ACL injuries. In college basketball 4 times as many as males, in gymnastics 3 times as many. The reasons are many, there is anatomical difference of the makeup of the knee muscular and skeletal area which some doctors feel is the main cause, proper physical training can improve the strength of the inner and outer muscles which protect the knee.[adToAppearHere]

Female sports programs today, parents of female athletes today, all want their teams, their daughters to perform to their highest sports potential. Take the time to find out how you as the coach or you as the mom or dad of that athlete can make sure you have a physical conditioning program designed to protect and to improve upon the physical attributes of the female athlete.

Mike Gladbach is the father of three daughters and one son, who were all heavily involved in sports throughout their young lives. He has discovered a new physical training program which can help your daughter live up to her potential as an athlete – Training for the Female Athlete![adToAppearHere]

If you are a girls/women’s coach, or a dad who wants his daughter to play safe and play hard, this program could be for you.

If you would like more information, please email me at mcglad00@yahoo.com

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