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Students: 10 Tips How To Achieve Greater Success In 2018

Setting goals can provide you with a sense that the future will be better and brighter and more important, that you are in control of that future.

The grand year of 2018 is upon us and we say grand because you are going to make it that way.


“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”… Tony Robbins

As a student, have you focused on your goals for 2018?

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Earlier we enjoyed the thoughts of the visiting writer, Mr. Shawn Lim, regarding goals in 2017.

It is so well thought out that we think it applies for 2018 as well.

Shawn Lim is the founder of StunningMotivation.com. He has been in the personal development industry for more than 7 years and has been teaching and sharing the best strategies to achieve outstanding success in life.

Shawn is the expert and also top author in EzineArticles under Goal Setting and Success category. He has been a contributor to LifeHack, PickTheBrain and many more authority blogs around the Internet.

10 Tips How To Achieve Greater Success In 2017

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By Shawn Lim  

Do you want to accomplish your goals and achieve greater success in 2017? If you are, this will be the right article for you. Here are 10 tips how you can produce better results and reach higher grounds in this brand new year.

  1. Practice daily goal setting

Set your goals daily instead of doing it once in a while. Most people are never serious about their goals and they tend to get distracted with their day-to-day activities. So practice daily goal setting to remind yourself of what you want to achieve every day. Program what you want into your subconscious mind through writing down your targets.

  1. Be absolutely committed

It does not matter where you are or what you have accomplished in the past. It is absolutely alright even if you have failed in the past. All that matters is what you want to go from now and be absolutely committed with what you want. In 2017, stay committed to your goals and decides that you will do whatever it takes to achieve them.

  1. Read and learn for 30 minutes every day

When it comes to achieving better success in life, you must make it a habit to improve and learn each day. And the easiest way to do this is to read. Invest at least 30 minutes into reading books every single day. If you do this, you will be able to read about 2 books a month. And within a year, you will have read 24 books. This powerful habit will definitely change your life and transform you into a master in your industry.

  1. Do something to reach your goals every day

Yes, without doing anything, you will never produce the results you want and you will never reach your goals. Action is the only that will guarantee your success. So commit to taking at least one step forward to reaching your goals each day. Make sure you do something to move forward.

  1. Network with the right people

One of the keys all successful people possessed is that they network and mix with other successful people. You are who you mix around with. Your environment and the people you network with will influence your thinking and behavior. Thus, try to join other successful people who have accomplished greater results than you.

  1. Focus on your most important goal

Do not get distracted and focus on your most important goal. Whatever you do, keep your eye on the ultimate reward that you want out of 2017. Identify what is the most important goal that you must achieve this year and resolve to do everything you can to achieve it. Avoid splitting yourself too thin.

  1. Visualize the success you want

Visualization is a very powerful tool that is available to anyone who wants to achieve outstanding success in life. Do you know that successful people always think about their dreams, their goals and what they want to achieve in their life, most of the time?

On the other hand, unsuccessful people spend time thinking about what to eat for dinner, what to do tonight or what movie to watch this weekend. So choose to think and visualize what you want consistently.

  1. Learn to manage your energy

If you want to get more things done in 2017, you must learn to manage your energy. Being productive is not about managing your time, instead, it is about managing your energy. Everyone has 24 hours a day and it all boils down to how effectively you can use the hours that are available to you.[adToAppearHere]

And when it comes to being productive, it is better to spend an hour producing great work than to spend 10 hours feeling tired and produce lousy work. Thus, get enough sleep, make sure your energy is high and keep yourself physically healthy.

  1. Learn from your progress

Whenever you have taken some form of action, learn to review the results you get. If you did not get the results you want, find out what went wrong and how you can improve your strategy.[adToAppearHere]

Achieving your goal and living a successful life is just like a baby learning how to walk. When he falls, you will never stop him from trying, instead, you will encourage him to try again with better walking techniques. You will encourage the baby to do it until he walks. The same goes in your life and what you want to achieve.

  1. Never give up until you succeed

No matter what you do, never give up. A quitter will never win and a winner will never quit. You will never lose as long as you never quit. And you will never know if you will succeed in the next attempt, so just do it until you achieve the success you want.

Shawn Lim is the founder of Stunning Motivation. He has more than 7 years of experience in the personal development industry and has helped countless hungry seekers to achieve outstanding success in life.

To learn more about him, visit http://www.StunningMotivation.com/ now.[adToAppearHere]

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