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Students, Enjoy Fruit Tea, Here Are The Reasons Why

Alternatives to sugary drinks that actually taste good in a modern world filled with processed foods will always be desirable, especially when they are readily made available.

Many have turned to fruit teas to fill the void.

As tasty as they are, whenever we may be dancing with a new partner, solid recommendations are in order.

We’ve found one.

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The informative site livestrong.com shares, “Fruit teas are hot beverages that contain real fruit juice alone or infuse the sweetness of exotic fruits with earthy teas, herbs and spices. While some types contain real tea leaves, you can enjoy herbal or no caffeinated fruit teas at any time of the day, without worrying that the caffeine will keep you awake at night. Fruit teas offer an alternative to real teas or coffee, and you have a cornucopia of fruit essences to choose from.”

That is actually true. Fruit teas come in about as many flavors that your imagination can conjure up including some exotic combinations.

“There is nothing quite like a freshly brewed pot of tea to get you going in the morning.”.. Phyllis Logan

Just think of some of the food combinations that may go with them.

How about a hamburger with ice filled green apple tea with honey.

Perhaps a combination salad with spicy orange tea?

We ourselves have tried myriads of combinations.

Others have greater imaginations than we do so we keep climbing electronic fruit trees for more information.

At teablossoms.com.au they are blossoming with ideas. “Popular Fruit tea flavors include cherry, apple, blackcurrant, raspberry, orange, strawberry, peach, and blueberry. Many fruit teas are made from combinations of fruits, and some also include herbs and spices. Technically fruit teas are not teas; rather infusions of fruit flavors, also known as tisanes, fruit teas are usually made using fruit juices or steeped in hot water and can be made at home as well.”

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We learn something new every day and we want to continue to learn.

It appears that we are going to get our wish.

What about the notion of making intriguing and delicious teas from scratch.

The sweetly creative site exoticteapot.co.uk has some refreshing ideas. “Making fruit tea really is very simple; essentially they are made by taking and mixing a blend of dried fruit, herbs, leaves, blossoms and petals etc. It’s the hot water that creates the magic though, it extracts the flavor from the ingredients, which is why making an iced fruit tea still requires hot water initially.”

One report after another speaks to the benefits of fruit teas in terms of being great antioxidants and filled with vitamins.

Blends can be specially created to provide a dose of specific vitamins or fiber.

“As much as you can eat healthy, it’s also important to remember to drink healthy too. Tea is very healing.”… Kristin Chenoweth
We are always looking for more reasons to spoil ourselves with silky smooth fruit teas and we’ve invited a visiting writer to stop by with a spot of fruit tea in her hand and share some more enticing ideas.[adToAppearHere]

Please sit down with a delicious cup of fruit tea and enjoy.

4 Reasons to Indulge on Fruit Tea

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By Ann Trenton 

Tea is healthy. No doubt about it. It has a lot of variety-green, white, oolong and black. However, not everyone is a fan of all varieties.

What is the one tea that many people develop a special liking for? Here are some clues: it’s sweet, delicious, and children can’t get enough of it.

It’s fruit tea.

The most distinctive characteristic of a fruit tea is its delicious taste. It is made of natural unprocessed fruits that make up for one refreshing and revitalizing drink. It’s something that you wouldn’t mind your children get a fill on.[adToAppearHere]

Fruit teas are not really teas. They are an infusion of fruit flavors. In the tea industry, they are known as tisanes. However, many tea varieties contain an amount of fruits that are shredded and dried either in direct heat, natural drying or grill based processing. These are then mixed with regular tea to add and enhance flavor. Popular flavors are apple, strawberry, cherry, orange, peach, blackcurrant, raspberry and blueberry. There is also a mouth-watering combination of fruit teas with special herbs and spices.[adToAppearHere]

If you think that’s not reason enough, here are four reasons why you should indulge on fruit teas:

  1. Caffeine-Free – If you are sensitive to caffeine and could not enjoy a cup of tea without feeling sick afterwards, here’s the good news, it does not contain an amount caffeine so you can make the most of its refreshing and healthy benefits without fear of getting sick later on.
  2. High on Vitamin C – Do you want to fight illnesses but doesn’t like taking pills and vitamins in capsules? Then a cup of it is just right for you. It is known to be a good source for vitamin C that is necessary to boost your immune system and prevent numerous types of diseases. Vitamin C is normally absent in regular teas but with this tea, this vitamin is abundant.
  3. Have Antioxidants – Different types of teas are known to be the best source of antioxidants. These help your body flush away unwanted toxins and provide overall cleansing.
  4. Can Be Mixed with Your Favorite Desserts – You can add fruit tea when preparing your favorite dessert dish such as mixing it with your ice cream. You can also experiment your own recipes and get more ideas online. A tip to make a delicious dessert with fruit tea is using it to replace water. That will give a complimentary fruity taste to your food.

Fruit teas can be enjoyed in more ways than you know. Be creative with your ideas and drink fruit tea everyday–any way you like it. It’s a healthy and fun drink so indulge on fruit tea today.

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