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A full delicious chocolate cake is not always convenient or available even though your craving is through the dormitory roof.

All is not lost.

Cupcakes are smaller, easier to carry and still just large enough to satisfy that chocolate cake desire. They can be consumed quickly and in so many fun places.

How many cupcakes have you eaten at the movies?

Their consumption makes for feel moments in the movies as well.

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Maggie’s Plan is a 2015 American romantic comedy-drama film directed and written by Rebecca Miller, based on the original story by Karen Rinaldi. The film stars Greta Gerwig, Ethan Hawke, Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph, Travis Fimmel, Wallace Shawn, Ida Rohatyn, Monte Greene, and Julianne Moore.

Love the star studded cast. Here is the storyline.

Maggie’s plan to have a baby on her own is derailed when she falls in love with a married man, destroying his marriage. However, after the birth of her daughter she begins to suspect that he was with the right woman all along.

Okay that’s confusing but eating the cupcakes was not.

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Regarding that cupcake moment in the film smiles, “It looked to be a cold day of filming in New York City for Ethan Hawke and Greta Gerwig on the set of their upcoming movie, Maggie’s Plan.

But the two actors did get a tasty treat on Monday when their scene called for eating some cupcakes. Both Ethan, 44, and Greta, 31, seemed positively cheerful as they ate their brightly colored desserts.”

Those desserts they speak of were cupcakes. Very nice moment. A very feel good moment.

“When you feel good, you look good. And vice versa: When you look good, you feel good.”… Christie Brinkley

So many of us have warm memories of satisfying our sweet tooth with cupcakes and yet due to a number of factors cupcakes do not seem to be selling as well as they used to.

As reported at, “Cupcakes are dead. At least, that is what The Wall Street Journal reported on August 17, 2013. The gourmet dessert phenomenon economically exploded in 2011 when Crumb’s Bake Shop entered the stock market under the ticker CRMB. Crumb’s confections were sold for $0.50 at the time, and their stock was worth more than $13 a share. Since then, Crumb’s Bake Shop stock has plummeted to $0.45 today and some say that this is due to the novelty of cupcakes wearing off. There was no long-term future in cupcakes, as people don’t regularly visit a cupcakery on a daily basis.”

Even cakes are not immune to a slight downward trend.

The informative site shares, “Health issues in line with the growing concern for obesity, other related diseases, and regulatory constraints pertaining to the product labelling pose a threat to the global cake market. The increase in home bakers further reduces the demand for packaged cakes. Food perishability remains a key challenge for the cake industry.”

Sometimes what can jump start an important but fairly stagnant industry is innovation.

Have you ever heard of cupcakes in a jar? Sounds intriguing. No need for excessive napkins or a need to worry about an accidental icing smear. They can be wicked good too.

Please meet Wicked Cupcakes. articles, photo credit

Wicked Good Cupcakes was formed by mother and daughter Tracey Noonan and Danielle Descroches. After taking a cake decorating class, they began posting photos of their baking online. Friends and family requested the product and Noonan and Descroches put the cupcakes in a jar in order to ship them. The company opened a store in 2011 in Cohasset.

Wicked Good Cupcakes appeared on Season 4 of Shark Tank where it received an investment from Kevin O’Leary of $75,000 in exchange for royalties. O’Leary received $1 for every cupcake sold until his investment was repaid, and then $.50 for every cupcake thereafter.

Very impressive. If you’ve ever watched Shark Tank, it takes a lot to impress Mr. O’Leary often affectionately or sarcastically referred to as Mr. Wonderful.

Why don’t we knock at the door of the two female entrepreneurs?

Are they at home? Yes they are. At they are happy to share their amazing story with us. “What started as a way for a mother and daughter to spend quality time together, quickly became a nationwide phenomenon. With very little business experience and very little money, they set out to create the world’s best tasting cupcakes with the goal of being able to ship them to any household in the United States.

Their story of hard work and perseverance serves as inspiration to anyone looking to follow their dreams.”

We agree. We absolutely would like to hear more. You can never get enough inspiration or cupcakes. articles, photo credit

“As the reputation of their product grew, they found themselves getting hundreds of requests to ship their product across the country. However, they couldn’t find a way to effectively ship cupcakes and have them arrive fresh and intact. That’s when they came up for the idea of putting cupcakes into mason jars. By filling jars with freshly baked layers of cake, frosting and filling, they were able to create a product that would remain fresh up to 10 days without refrigeration and that could be easily shipped.

News of this innovative product began to spread. In April of 2013, Tracey and Dani debuted their product in front of 10 million television viewers on ABC’s hit reality show, Shark Tank. They attracted the attention of “Mr. Wonderful”, Kevin O’Leary and subsequently struck a deal that Kevin has since called, “the best investment” he’s ever made on the show.

Tracey and Dani have not looked back. Since their appearance on Shark Tank, Wicked Good Cupcakes has become the “go to” website to buy unique and gourmet baked goods online. They continue to grow and innovate, constantly creating new products for their customers. To this day, everything they do is still homemade and baked from scratch with absolutely no mixes. Tracey and Dani wouldn’t have it any other way.”

We fans wouldn’t have it any other way either.

For you female students and athletes aren’t they a great feel good story?

You should try their cupcakes in a jar, especially when that full cake is not available.

We sense they will make you feel good too. Isn’t that what important memories are made of?

~ ~ ~

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