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November 20, 2021,

Teen girls know who they are.

What they’ve done.

What movies they’ve starred in.

If all of the above is the case, then they also know the latest fashions being sported by the top young Hollywood actresses in Odeya Rush, Bailee Madison, Erika Bierman, Veronika Bonell, Ava Allan, Eloise Webb, Olivia Rodrigo and Kiernan Shipka.

So what fashion or accessory is currently hot?

Baguette Bags are currently the youthful rage.

By the fashion elite.

As shared by, “This rectangle shaped purse was the perfect pick for holding clear lip gloss and flip phones, and today’s options still manage to fit the essentials. You can, of course, score your own version at almost any major designer brand or fast fashion store, but secondhand styles will feel more authentic.”

Sounds like they know what they are talking about. After all, it’s in their name.

We love the French name.

The name ‘Baguette’ is a nod to the impression of the French who carry a loaf of bread under their arms.

There are many Baguette Bags to choose from but so many have chosen Fendi. Fendi-Twitter-photo-credit-Editorial-use

They are always making news.

As reported on October 28, 2021, enlightens, “Fendi is opening the doors of its Roman headquarters, Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, to the public to showcase an exhibition celebrating Italian artisans’ most exquisite creativity and talent. The showcase collects 20 one-of-a-kind Fendi Baguette bags that the brand’s artistic director for accessories and men’s wear Silvia Venturini Fendi developed in collaboration with 20 ateliers and workshops.”

Sounds stylish, young and exciting. That speaks to the Fendi lifestyle.

Fendi is an Italian luxury fashion house producing fur, ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, fragrances, eyewear, timepieces and accessories. Founded in Rome in 1925, Fendi is known for its fur and fur accessories, and for its leather goods.

And Baguette Bags.

Check out their sensational look:

By 2018, Fendi crossed the $1.2 billion threshold in annual sales.

At that point, the label had 3,000 employees worldwide including around 400 who work in specialist leather and fur ateliers in Italy. It also operated a network of 215 stores.

In September 2020, English designer Kim Jones was announced as also taking the role of artistic director of Fendi’s women’s collection, formerly occupied by Lagerfeld.

In terms of giving back to the community, in 2013, Fendi pledged more than 2 million euros to sponsor projects including a clean-up of the Quattro Fontane and the restoration of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, and held the company’s 90th anniversary show over the fountain using a plexi-glass floor.

In 2018, Fendi signed a partnership with the Galleria Borghese to support the museum’s exhibitions for the following three years.

In 2019, it committed 2.5 million euros to restore the Temple of Venus and Roma, the largest temple of ancient Rome.

That speaks to a wonderful giving spirit.

During the holiday festivities we love to bring our best, latest and greatest styles to family outings and gatherings.

We realize Fendi bags are a little out of many young people’s budget but you can always hope for a special gift. Right?

Or dream about it. Even ask for it.

We have a visiting female writing who can speak to your Fendi Baguette Bag dreams.

The Baguette Is Fendi’s Best! Dirk-Ingo-Franke-Own-work-wikipedia-photo-credit

By Marilyn R Godwin

Designer: Silvia Venturini Fendi, 1997

Silva Venturini Fendi had a dream to design a handbag in a class of its own. Her dream became a reality when she developed a mini purse known as the Baguette. The bag was released under the creative direction of Karl Lagerfeld. The elements of craftsmanship, handmade manufacturing, attention to refined details embody the spirit of Fendi. This little bag was developed with the a certain type of shopper in mind and it became a huge success almost overnight… particularly in areas that were known for their more “artsy” atmosphere, like Greenwich Village. The Baguette’s success can partly be explained by its philosophy. Since the handbag came in over 600 aesthetic options, including a variety of colors, embellishments and different fabrics, the purchaser was able to select a handbag that met their own individualism.

The gorgeous fabrics that were offered by Fendi included silk velvet, snakes skin, crocodile and woven raffia, to name a few. Certain features included in every one of the Baguette handbags were the Double-F front clasp and the rectangular shape. All of the Baguette bags had a strap that was just long enough to allow the bag to sit underneath the arm like “a loaf of bread”. The Baguette was designed to be a shoulder bag and a clutch. This bag could take you to lunch with the girls and end the day as a clutch for a dinner date with the boyfriend. This bag was known for sleek and geometric lines.

The price tag on the Fendi Baguette depended on the size, fabrication and whether it is a limited edition version or not. A small non leather style started around $500. The average moderate sized baguette is priced between $1000-$2000. Some limited editions would exceed $2000.

This Fendi Baguette Handbag is still one of the most popular styles and is highly coveted. It has been seen on many TV shows and quickly become popular among many Hollywood celebrities for its uniqueness as a small, fun bag. Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson have been seen carrying the “it” bag.

Fendi is constantly reinventing the look for new seasons and events. There have been classic black leather styles, the well known brown tone FF print fabric, two-toned leathers, bright colors and prints, and even design your own kit. Two kits were offered. One was a canvas baguette with Pantone markers to bring out your creativity. The second was to customize your Fendi Baguette with the art of cross stitch. This kit was to celebrate the bag’s 10th anniversary. The kit consisted of a timeless baguette bag, a variety of colored threads and needles and some drawings as guidelines. This idea seemed to captivate the public.

As for the spring of 2012, many Baguettes are starting to surface. It is always fun to see what is trendy for the little bag that is named after a loaf of bread!

Marilyn Godwin

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