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Biking The Trails Of Nevada, Silver State, Silver Lining

December 19, 2021,

You can feel it in your thighs.

No matter how many times you do it.

Sometimes you can see it too. Looks toned and nice.

That in part is what makes long distance bike riding on trails so satisfying.

You can literally feel your body benefiting. Stories abound. From the outdoors.

We have an associate who once lived in the Sacramento, California area and when he was young, he used to ride his bike from his downtown residence out to Sacramento State University, hop on to the American River Bike Trail and literally ride 20 miles to meet a friend in Fair Oaks.

What he loved most about the ride, away from civilization, was how the scenery changed along the way. He could see it and feel it. It is one of the reasons he prefers traveling by car, than by plane, even when flying can get you to Los Angeles within an hour and driving takes over four.

He could feel it in his thighs too. His legs never looked so strong.

The river never looked more refreshing.

California is well-known for having incredible bike trails along rivers and mountainous terrain, and you know what?

So does the Silver State of Nevada.

Bike trails in Nevada are a plenty, scenic and fun.

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The bike riders at hamaxusa.com exude, “Las Vegas is known for many things, but their best kept secret is the plentiful biking trails. With oodles of family friendly routes to choose from, there is a trail to fit every lifestyle and fitness level.”

Great article: https://hamaxusa.com/blog/favorite-las-vegas-bike-trails-families/

They share information about Burkholder Trail, Historic Railroad Trail, Wetlands Park, Pitman Wash Trail, Union Pacific Railroad Trail and Cornerstone Park.

Check this one out too.

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The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in Clark County, Nevada, is an area managed by the Bureau of Land Management as part of its National Landscape Conservation System, and protected as a National Conservation Area. It is about 15 miles west of Las Vegas, and is easily seen from the Las Vegas Strip.

More than three million people visit the area each year.

Of particular interest here is The Loop Road is also popular for bicycle touring which begins with a moderate climb, then is mostly downhill or flat.

You might want to add that road to your bike riding bucket list.

The team at lasvegasmagazine.com enlightens, “There are plenty of ways to enjoy Las Vegas other than the Strip. Get outdoors—perfect for practicing social distancing—for a solo trip or bring your partner or family and check out nine great biking experiences. Whether it’s checking out the beautiful scenery on a nice slow-paced ride or putting your cycling skills to the test, there’s great options for everyone.” Here is their scenic article:


Okay, so that is a nice biking start to the Las Vegas area, but what about Reno?

Residing here in Nor Cal, we have visited the Reno area tons of times.

We turn our attention to a visiting female writer who shares her thoughts on biking in the Reno area.

Mountain Biking in Reno – Fun and Exercise in the Outdoors

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By Wendy Pan

They call Reno “America’s Adventure Place,” and there really are a ton of recreational opportunities in this Nevada city. Mountain biking in Reno proves the point. No matter where you live, work, or play in Reno, there are mountain biking trails within 5 to 10 minutes, and since Reno sits so near Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada, mountain biking possibilities are endless in the Biggest Little City in the World.

If you’re not familiar with Reno, don’t think it’s anything like Vegas. Reno is located nine hours and a hundred light years away from Sin City. Reno’s in Northern Nevada, in the high desert, and the temperatures aren’t as extreme as Las Vegas. It snows sometime in the winter in Reno, but usually melts within a day or two, which means you can hit trails throughout the Reno area (called the Truckee Meadows), in almost all seasons. Summertime usually doesn’t stay that hot for that long, and the summer evenings are warm enough for a great ride but not so warm that it feels to hot to exercise.

Up in the mountains, there are wonderful summertime trails that circle Lake Tahoe and can take you just about anywhere, from Tahoe’s beaches to the Desolation Wilderness and back again. Mountain biking in Reno is an awesome experience because there are so many different types of trails available, from high Sierra to high desert, and you are so close to so many trails, it’s easy to reach a new trail every day if you’d like. There are flat trails along the Truckee River to arduous trails up in the mountains, but they all will draw you and you bike back again and again.

Even better, there are many urban trails within 5 to 10 minutes of downtown Reno. Some climb the foothills of Peavine Peak on the northern boundaries of the city, while others climb the canyons and flats of Northwest Reno, the Steamboat Ditch, and South Reno. You can literally bring your mountain bike with you to work and get in a ride when you get done for the day.

Mountain biking in Reno is fun for the entire family, and there are many bike shops in Reno that will help you find everything to begin your mountain biking adventure. If there’s anything to remember about biking in the area, it’s the elevation. Reno is almost a mile high, and Tahoe starts at about 6,000 feet and goes up from there. Breathing may be a little bit different in these high altitudes, so you may need to take it easy when you first begin to ride, but you’ll get used to the thinner air in no time.

Another great thing about Reno mountain biking is there are many bike lanes on city streets. You can follow these bike lanes to mountain biking trails, making it easier to get around on your bike when you visit Reno. Reno really is America’s Adventure Place, and the mountain biking trails that surround Reno really start you off in the right adventure direction!

Wendy Pan is an accomplished niche website developer and author.

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