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Henderson Nevada, A Great Place To Play, Grow And Live

December 23, 2021,

It must be nice.

A really nice place to live.

If the great tennis player Michael Chang chose to live there, Henderson, Nevada must be a special community.

Henderson is a city in Clark County, Nevada, about 16 miles southeast of downtown Las Vegas.

Sixteen miles is right next door. A true bedroom community.

It is the second largest city in Nevada, after Las Vegas, with an estimated population of 320,189 in 2019. The city is part of the Las Vegas Valley. Henderson occupies the southeastern end of the valley, at an elevation of 1,864 feet.

While he didn’t live there, another famous global persona chose to shoot his movie there. Maybe you heard of him.

James Bond.

fcielitecompetitor.com fciwomenswrestling2.com femcompetitor.com grapplingstars.com Alan-Wilson-from-Stilton-Peterborough-Cambs-UK-Cessna-Citationjet-CJ3-‘N225TJ-wikipedia photo credit

Diamonds Are Forever is a 1971 spy film, the seventh in the James Bond series produced by Eon Productions. It is the sixth and final Eon film to star Sean Connery, who returned to the role as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond, having declined to reprise the role in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969).

A scene in the film in which Bond is nearly cremated alive was filmed at Palm Mortuary’s Henderson location. Later in the movie, Bond is dumped into a pipeline, which was filmed near Lake Mead Boulevard. The construction office for the Lake Mead to Las Vegas water pipeline was there during the building of the pipeline and the filming of the movie.

Henderson? You did James Bond proud.

Understandably, the city leadership is proud of their Henderson product as well.

We drive over to their home in an Aston Martin where they smile, “Over half a century ago during a visit to Southern Nevada, President John F. Kennedy predicted that the then fledgling City of Henderson was a “city of destiny.” Little could he have known just how accurate a prediction he was making.”

Very true. Just look at a few of the Henderson milestones:

  • Henderson named best city for young families in Nevada by Insurify. Cities were ranked on real estate market hotness and inventory, diversity in local school districts, access to parks and outdoor recreational facilities and residential and road safety.
  • Henderson ranked 72nd out of 100 cities in Lawn-Starter’s Most Walkable Cities in America, which assessed factors like distance to essential businesses and pedestrian safety
  • WalletHub ranked Henderson the 54th out of 100 cities for Best Cities for an Active Lifestyle, measuring the number of sports and outdoor activities per capita, the amount people spent on fitness and the number of Google searches for at-home workouts
  • Henderson was recognized as the 2nd Safest Largest City by MoneyGeek, after ranking 303 large population cities based on crime statistics and the cost of crime per capita – the City was notable for utilizing community support in tackling deviance

All of that is very impressive. No wonder so many love to live here.

Just makes you want to roar with pride. Just like the lions do.

There are lions in Henderson. You should visit them.

fcielitecompetitor.com fciwomenswrestling2.com femcompetitor.com grapplingstars.com lionhabitatranch.org-photo-credit-Editorial-use

The team at lionalert.org educate, “While other big cats choose to live alone, lions are very sociable animals and live together in a family group called a pride.  A pride usually has about 13 lions in it, but there can be as many as 30; mums, dads, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins, all living together.”

Sounds warm and furry. They add an interesting and rather sad fact about the lion family, “Life as a lion cub is much easier if you are a girl.  Female cubs normally stay with their family pride forever, but life for their brothers is much tougher.  At the age of around two, male cubs are forced to leave the pride when their family members chase them away.

A lot of them end up living alone for the rest of their lives, but some join together in groups, called bachelor prides.”

Things along those lines could be different if you reside at Lion Habitat Ranch.

The world travelers at Trip Advisor were enlightened. A reviewer there shares, “I have been to Lion Habitat Ranch twice now. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for something fun off strip to do, especially if you miss seeing the lions at MGM. The staff and volunteers are great and very knowledgeable. The first time we went we did a behind the scenes tour. I got mine through Groupon and would highly recommend that experience. Definitely a place I’ll continue visiting and supporting. They do great work with their animals! Make sure to catch Ozzie’s painting show while you’re there!”

Okay, if you say so. Will do.

We’ll take a deep breath. Time for a closer look.

Here is what another reviewer stated at Yelp, “My son and I went to the Lion Habitat on June 21 for World Giraffe Day to meet Ozzie. This place is underrated. There is so much knowledge that these volunteers have and can share with all the public who visit this awesome habitat.”

It is reassuring to know that a group of caring people are doing everything they can to help this important animal group survive on a planet where their natural habitats are being constantly encroached upon.

As you can see, not only is Henderson a community worth visiting, it is also worth staying in.

At least for a few nights. Where might you stay?

Green Valley Ranch is a hotel, casino and spa located in the master-planned eponymous community within the Green Valley community in Henderson.

fcielitecompetitor.com fciwomenswrestling2.com femcompetitor.com grapplingstars.com greenvalleyranch.com-photo-credit-Editorial-use.

It is owned and operated by Station Casinos.

The resort is magnificent.

The property offers 8 restaurants, a 143,891 square foot casino, The Spa at Green Valley Ranch, 65,000 square feet of convention space and 495 guest rooms and suites.

Sounds enticing. Time for a visit.

At greenvalleyranch.com they welcome, “With unparalleled accommodations, a striking European-inspired aesthetic, and incomparable amenities, Green Valley Ranch offers a refined off-the-Strip resort experience—all amongst one of Las Vegas’ most coveted and convenient locales.”

Yes indeed.

Henderson, Nevada is a coveted experience.

We’re certain James Bond would agree.

~ ~ ~

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