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Female Competition International has now been publishing for 8 years. Where did the time go? Now we are finally securing enough funding to feel confident that we will put on events in the year 2021. We expect to have at least five.

We will know by September 1, 2020 when we have secured the final funding so please check back then.

If you are a graduate from a high school or collegiate female freestyle grappling program and are interested in being placed on our list for a contact, please email us at fciwomensports@gmail.com 

Very important

  1. Please do not send a photo. We do not open photos over the internet.
  2. Please show us the link to the website of the school that you attended so we can email your former coach. Emails that do not include that information will not be answered.
  3. Compensation will be available for competing. That and event details will be provided later.
  4. Unfortunately the events are not available to women who would like to give wrestling a try.
  5. Dignified competition attire is leggings or yoga pants.
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