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Miranda Oldroyd, CrossFit Girl, Rogue Fitness Inspiration

Some schools of thought summarize that when a girl participates in CrossFit training, it’s makes her a whole athlete.

A young woman to be greatly admired in the CrossFit world is Miranda Oldroyd. We find her sensational bio at roguefitness.com.

They share, “Rogue athlete Miranda Oldroyd might be immediately recognizable to casual fans for her work as a sideline reporter during CrossFit Games broadcasts or for her tireless efforts as a member of the CrossFit seminar staff. But make no mistake, Oldroyd is—first and foremost—a competitor… and a very accomplished one at that.

Originally based out of Salt Lake City, the former personal trainer started CrossFit in 2007 and made her debut appearance at the CrossFit Games in 2008, finishing 21st overall. In 2012, while training for her role as a presenter at the Games, Oldroyd suffered a broken neck in an automobile accident. Rather than being disheartened by the setback, Miranda’s long, difficult rehab process only provided more inspiration, as she pushed her way back into competition just one year later, finishing 7th at NorCal Regionals at the age of 30. In 2014, as a member of Team NorCal CrossFit, she made her long awaited return to the CrossFit Games as a competitor, finishing 5th overall in the team events. Oldroyd and Team NorCal won the California Regional a year later en route to another Top 10 finish at the Games.”

She is an inspiration.

Let’s continue to be inspired. We have a guest writer who shares why participating in CrossFit at a young age is a positive pathway.

Super Family Activities Ideas: CrossFit Kids

By Ben Robeson 

When people become parents, it is typical to stop many of the activities and priorities that were embraced before the baby was born. Cue images of recreation with the guys, entertaining get-togethers with the dames, that fresh start-up concern, that formidable homestead undertaking, and plans for interesting explorations. While somewhat quick, this adjustment in things to do and priorities is typical for brand-new mothers and fathers. All the same, things to do and priorities indeed are important in the long run.[adToAppearHere]

Thus, it is integral to search for parent-child activities and excursions that are equivalently satisfying to the kid and the father or mother. These equally pleasurable activities will result in three results: first, that the mothers and fathers will be better-off and more engaging; second, that the children will grasp and experience original things; and third, that non-parent buddies might actually want to accompany the mothers and fathers for the endeavor.


CrossFit will make you strong and fit in less time than accepted approaches to health — much less time. That’s why I care for CrossFit and do it every day. And that’s also why I’ve started CrossFitting with my kid (she’s almost 3 years old), because the regimen focuses on strength foundation.

A commonplace CrossFit session can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, and it’s a high intensity approach that combines gymnastics, running, and weightlifting so you realize top advantage. Envision pushups, pullups, situps, squats, dips, box jumps, and sprints. Most of the cycles you can do complimentary at home or in a public park with your little one by observing exercise tutorials on the principal CrossFit Kids web site. And best-case scenario, you’d reinforce home workouts by exploring a CrossFit gym (they’re everywhere) to receive hands-on direction — and drive — from a professionally prepared educator in a fun, supporting class locale.


I am always more vigorous and happier when I exercise with a set of movements that’s already set, as opposed to deciding on the fly and in the moment. If you’re taking a session at a CrossFit gym, this is a non-issue, since the instructors will have pegged the workout for the afternoon. Be that as it may, if you’re weightlifting at home or at a public green with your child, you’ll want to make a shortened record of movements to do with your child. Just view the list of movements, demonstrations, and exercises on the CrossFit Kids site, major CrossFit web site, or WODshop, and you’re all set. (My private favorites with my 3-year-old girl are pushups, burpees, situps, planks, and sprints.) 3… 2… 1… Go![adToAppearHere]

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The author believes it is critical to try new family activities [http://www.myfamilyactivities.com] that are fun, unique and equally enjoyable for parent and child. For more family activities ideas, visit My Family Activities at [http://www.myfamilyactivities.com].

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