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Female Athletes: Why You Should Be A Cheerleader


Cheerleading: Why Try Out for The Team

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Gone are the days when being on the varsity cheerleading team was all about being popular. These days, a cheerleader has to really be on top of the game to even make the team and then be constantly improving in technique, strength and discipline to keep the position.

What are some of the reasons a high school student would want to try out for the cheerleading team? Of course, the first thing to come to mind is spirit – or support for the varsity team. Traditionally the cheerleaders were the one who excited the crowd to loudly encourage the team on the field or court. They would unify the spectators into one body with one goal – to support the team to a win. And at a high school game, that is still the primary purpose for the cheerleaders.[adToAppearHere]

However, there is much more at stake for cheerleaders these days than there was even a dozen years ago. Cheerleading tryouts encompass much more than simply a popularity contest. A high school cheerleader has opportunity to attend cheerleading competitions regionally and or nationally, with the top prizes being sizable scholarship awards to several top schools. Cheerleading tryouts and competitions are now as competitive as other sports when it comes to earning a scholarship to college. This alone makes cheerleading an athletic endeavor worth looking into.

Sometimes serious athletes and dancers also try out for the varsity team. This gives them an outlet for their skills, as well as an opportunity to get in an extra workout or practice. When a cheerleader is part of a team on a public school team, and if said team has a decent coach, it also offers free additional training that can strengthen a primary discipline such as dance, ballet, or gymnastics. The cheerleading tryouts themselves can help familiarize a student to competition and judging.[adToAppearHere]

If any of these ideas appeal to you, consider trying out for the team at your school. If you have never been a cheerleader, you might want to look into securing a trainer or coach to prepare you for the tryouts. A trainer will not only help you master the cheers, or yells, but will also put you through a serious workout to strengthen you for expert execution of the routines. If you are already a cheerleader, you know that tryout competition gets stiffer each year. Having a trainer will help you stay on top of your game. If you are an energetic student, and if you are not afraid to work hard, you might want to look into cheerleading for your school’s varsity team. The benefits will astound you.

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