Students Please Listen: Tips For Safe Winter Driving article, pexels stock photo Thorn Yang photo credit


Tips for Teaching Your Teen to Drive in Winter Conditions article, pexels stock photo Thorn Yang photo credit

Teenagers are very excited when the day comes and they are old enough to drive on their own. It gives them the freedom to go where they want and you don’t have to drop everything to take them. While this is a great thing for most parents, there are scary times when it comes to allowing your teenager to drive. One of the scariest and most concerning times comes with the winter season. Now for some of you, this is no different then driving in the summer as you don’t experience snow, but for the rest of us it is.

Driving in the snow is a lot different then driving on dry or even wet roads. You must be careful of drifting snow and ice on the road. Your driving must change completely, but as an inexperienced driver, theses changes may not be known. Here are a few tips to help you get your teen through driving in the winter.

The first and most important thing to teach your teen is to slow down. Driving on roads with snow and ice is not something to mess around with, so it’s important they slow down. This could mean slowing down by 20 miles per hour or even slower if the conditions warrant it.

Breaking is another important thing you must teach your teen about as it’s much different on dry roads than it is on snow and ice. You want to pump your breaks in these types of roads. If you break too hard your car will begin to slide and that will put your teen into a state of panic.[adToAppearHere]

Another thing to teach your teen driver is to not use cruise control during this season. While this is a convenient thing, it’s not good when you’re driving on these types of roads because of the way you turn it off. You must push on the breaks and this can cause you to spin or slide. Cruise control doesn’t allow you to have control of the speed and you must have that when you’re on snow or ice.[adToAppearHere]

There are a number of other things you need to teach your teen driver when it comes to driving safely on snow and ice. The Weather Channel has a great article that will give you tips to share with your teen. This information can be found here:

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