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Heidi Ho Cheese, So Good It Makes You Want To Yodel

When a food looks so good melted, smells so good on a hamburger and tastes unbelievably delicious, it’s virtually impossible to stay away from it.

Cheese does that to us.

“How can anyone govern a nation that has two hundred and forty-six different kinds of cheese?” ….Charles de Gaulle

We love our cheese in all of its varieties.

According to the 2016/08/26 issue of marketplace.org, “The dairy industry has more than a billion pounds of cheese, worth $150 million, sitting around in freezers because of the global market for cheese is saturated. The Department of Agriculture said Tuesday that it would buy up $20 million worth of that surplus cheese to give to food banks.

Increased milk production elsewhere and a strong U.S. dollar is making it harder for American dairymen to sell cheese, according to the USDA. Butler said that problem extends to farmers in other countries as well.”

It certainly is good to us, but maybe at times, not so good for us.

As reported at healthyeating.sfgate.com, “The United States Department of Agriculture reports that the average American consumes 30 pounds of cheese each year, an amount that has tripled in the last 40 years. A variety of health problems are also on the rise, and studies have linked multiple diseases with the consumption of cheese.”

They add

“According to a study published in the “Journal of the National Cancer Institute,” cheese and other dairy products may actually raise the risk of breast cancer. A study published in “Nutrition and Cancer” also came to the same conclusion. Other studies link cheese to lymphoid cancers and lung cancer. The Physicians Committee on Responsible Medicine warned in “The New York Times” that cheese can contribute to the development of colic, allergies and digestive problems. The Center for Science in the Public Interest warns that the consumption of cheese is giving heart attacks to many Americans because of its high-fat content.”

That being said, it’s encouraging to know that there are other options.

Thanks to a female entrepreneurial team in Oregon, we can enjoy a non-dairy cheese that tastes delicious.

They invite us into their shop at heidiho.com and give us the grand tour. “Heidi Ho is a plant based food company headquartered in Portland, Oregon. We currently produce a variety of plant based cheezes made from organic ingredients and are free of additives and fillers.”

And now for their vision.

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“Heidi Ho is the future of cheese. We are a mission-driven company which aims to be the cheese that creates the change. Our success in implementing our values is a measurement of customer engagement, employee evangelism, supplier connectivity, and return on investments. We embrace economic freedom, voluntary exchange, combined with social and environmental consciousness. This is our commitment, giving all of us the ability to engage in positive activity based upon creativity, optimism, and personal initiative. Our steadfast convictions are at the forefront of action in honor of the health of our stakeholders and the health of this planet. We believe our choices have an impact. We believe yours do too.”

Very inspirational. We would like to meet the owners.

They continue:

The Chef: Heidi K. Lovig

“Heidi is fanatic about farm-to-table dining, sustainability, seasonal menus, and local local local. She honed her vegan chef skills during her time living on the Big Island of Hawaii in a sustainable community where she managed an eco-hostel and farm. Heidi had the privilege of training with vegans and raw foodies from all over the world. She was introduced to the spiritual side of veganism including elements of Jainism and the ethics of kindness. Through these practices and beliefs she developed a deeper connection to the ingredients she uses to create in her art form.

As a self-proclaimed foodie, Heidi moved to Portland a few years back and began her training at Le Cordon Bleu to obtain her degree in Culinary Arts. She focused on local, organic, and sustainable practices throughout her education. Her focus turned toward the environmental issues humans have created due to our food supply structures and the current systems of distribution. She became immersed in literature and documentaries to further her education on the politics of food. Heidi has been studying food for several years and is committed to ensuring Heidi Ho is a part of the solution.

The Boss: Lyssa M. Story

Lyssa is “the Boss” at Heidi Ho. She basically runs the show and is the brains behind every facet of its operations. She handles everything from HR to business plans and projections, to law, licensing, accounting, banking, and more. Lyssa is responsible for the money, the organization, and for keeping Heidi from floating away in her dreamy cloud of creativity.

Lyssa has an extensive background in the food and beverage industry, and in particular in the areas of personnel, supervision, training, and business management. She relocated to Oregon from Arizona to attend the Western Culinary Institute Le Cordon Bleu, where she received an Associate’s degree in Occupational Studies – Hospitality and Restaurant Management. Beyond her experience in the restaurant industry, Ms. Story also has management experience, as a former Store Manager at a UPS Store for four years.[adToAppearHere]

Lyssa was raised on the standard American diet. Over time, her health was jeopardized and at 22 years old she began a plant based and whole foods diet. With no surprise, nutrition was the culprit of her issues at which point she was drawn to veganism. The documentary Food, Inc. was the beginning of her journey which evolved into seeing Earthlings, The Cove, Blue Gold and many other informative documentaries surrounding food. The recent film, Forks over Knives, the book by Dr. Colin Campbell, The China Study, and Dr. Fuhrman’s book, “Eat to Live,” also played a major role in her transition to becoming vegan. Lyssa’s health has improved immensely; she eats well, exercises and is working to achieve personal goals she has set for herself, as well as continuing her education in plant-based health and nutrition.”[adToAppearHere]

Theirs story is a fascinating one and a financially enticing one as they were able to secure a deal on the venture capitalist television series, Shark Tank.

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We love their creativity. Just look at some of the ingredients on their products.

Spicy! Chia Cheeze

Made with NO Nutritional Yeast, Soy, Gluten, or Dairy.

Ingredients: *Veggie Puree (water, red potatoes, red bell peppers, carrots, onions, garlic), *Cashews, *Safflower Oil, Sea Salt, *Lemon, *Chia Seeds, Citric Acid, *Pepper Blend (chipotle, birds eye, cayenne, chili flakes), *Paprika, *Mustard Seed, *Black Pepper, *Oregano (*indicates organics).

Smoky Chia Cheeze

Made with NO Nutritional Yeast, Soy, Gluten, or Dairy. 

Dish this goodness up with any BBQ comfort food or as base for pizza. It makes the creamiest au gratin potatoes. Like our other chia cheezes, our new Smoky is made entirely from organic vegetables, nuts, and chia seeds. This creamy white cheeze makes killer fettuccine alfredo. Or, artichoke dip, anyone?

Ingredients: *Veggie puree (water, red potatoes, turnips, yellow bell peppers, onions, garlic), *Cashews, *Safflower Oil, Sea Salt, *Lemon, *Chia Seeds, Citric Acid, *Mustard Seed, Natural Smoke Flavor, *Black Pepper (*indicates organics). View Nutritional Label.

Wow, doesn’t that sound delicious?

Please don’t just take our word for it. Look at some of the reviews.[adToAppearHere]

“As someone who has recently removed dairy from their diet, this product is perfect for nights I want something cheesy and melty. Put it on noodles, in burritos or quesadillas, or rice bowls. It’s delicious and doesn’t have that weird fake-cheese taste.”

And another.

“Thank you so much for making a soy free spread! I gave up soy and dairy in January, and your product is the only spread I’ve found that I can have. And, it’s absolutely delicious! I found it at sprouts, and bought a container, and ate the whole thing within an hour of buying it! Next time, I’ll have a little more self-control! Thank you so much for making such a delicious product!”

Well, there’s good news and even better news.

Thanks to Heidi Ho, we still get to eat as much cheese as we want and we can feel good about our health while doing so.

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