Ohenewa Akuffo, Star Canadian Freestyle Wrestler, Powerful Philosopher

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The human mind is very adept in recognizing essential and powerful truths.

That is the easy part.

Acting upon those truths? Often not so easy.

Laozi was an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer. He is the reputed author of the Tao Te Ching, the founder of philosophical Taoism, and a deity in religious Taoism and traditional Chinese religions.

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According to legend, Lao Tzu was keeper of the archives at the imperial court. When he was eighty years old he set out for the western border of China, toward what is now Tibet, saddened and disillusioned that men were unwilling to follow the path to natural goodness.

Throughout the centuries, he has been widely quoted, admired and respected around the globe.

Among his many published thoughts, he was once quoted as saying, “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

Sometimes in our personal lives we may not like where we are heading thus it raises the question, what are we going to do about it?

There is a brilliant Canadian who shares a powerful philosophy that no doubt led to her incredible success on the mats.

Ms. Ohenewa Akuffo is an Olympic freestyle wrestler for Canada.

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She competed in Olympic-style wrestling for 20 years. Throughout her career as a high-performance athlete, Ms. Ohenewa has represented Canada in several World Championships.

She has traveled around the world for numerous competitions, has won many feats and was a presenter at the 2013 International Olympic Academy Young Participants’ Session.

Her notable achievements include:

* Commonwealth Games Gold medalist

* World Silver & Bronze medalist

* Two-time silver medalist at the Pan American Games

* Ten-time Senior National Champion

Ohenewas was once quoted as expressing, “Change your mind, change your life.”

If we’ve been traveling down a certain pathway, sometimes for years, and it is increasingly becoming clear that things are not working out or our life is not heading in the direction that we would like, the temptation may be to blame society or others but often it is about our own mind set, which is, well, firmly set.

If so, then maybe we need to change our mind about how we do things.

Very good suggestion Ohenewa.

Our star had to do that. It appears she was forced to. On March 25, 2015 pridenews.ca reported, “Ten-time Canadian National Wrestling Champion, Ohenewa Akuffo, officially announced her retirement from wrestling competition, earlier this month, after 16 years as a member of the national Canadian wrestling team.

At a press conference held in Toronto, the veteran, world wrestling multi-medalist explained that, in March last year, she took a break from international competition, after years of cutting weight and diet restrictions had taken a toll on her digestive health.”

Apparently wrestling is not as simple as talent and training. In terms of a diet regime, more is involved.

Being willing to adapt and change speaks to one of the reasons why Ohenewa has been so successful.

We have visited her early wrestling origins but who is she today?

Let’s knock at the door of her inspiring website, ohenewa.com. She shares her story and current pathway. “Ohenewa Akuffo is a Canadian Olympian, world medalist, professional speaker and entrepreneur. Some of her notable achievements included: Commonwealth Games Gold medalist, World Silver & Bronze medalist and Ten-time Senior National Champion.

As a high performance athlete she has gone through many challenges and victories. Her many accomplishments played out on the world stage, has led her to discover numerous techniques that religious leaders, professionals, educators and young people can use to identify possibilities in their own lives and careers.

Through her own challenges, she has learned valuable practices to encourage others to stand up to uncertainties, face challenges, and welcome change.

As a speaker, Ohenewa has captivated thousands with her keynote addresses on Change your mind, Change your life. Ohenewas’ words reach the hearts of her audience to motivate change in themselves and their community. As a community advocate with a passion for inspiring youth and young adults to achieve greatness.”

She clearly touches on two of the most persistent companions in all of our life’s journey.

Change and transition.

Why don’t we transition, relax and saunter over to the village that helped influence the life of our now inspiring motivational speaker and entrepreneur.

North York is an administrative area and former city in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located directly north of Old Toronto.

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As of the 2011 Census, it had a population of 655,913.

Following its inclusion in Metropolitan Toronto in 1954, it was one of the fastest growing parts of the region due to its proximity to Old Toronto.

In 1998, North York was amalgamated with the rest of Metropolitan Toronto to form the new city of Toronto, and has since been a secondary economic hub outside Downtown Toronto.

The global travelers at Lonely Planet expand upon the region. “Most Ontarians call behemoth Toronto or Ottawa, the nation’s cosmopolitan capital, home. Foodies, fashionistas and funsters converge on Toronto’s vibrant multicultural neighborhoods, where immigrants from far and wide live in hockey-following harmony. Both cities have hopping arts and entertainment scenes, kept current by the neighborly influences of New York and Montréal.

Whether you want to reconnect with nature or lose yourself in the excitement of the most multiculturally diverse and socially cohesive region on Earth, you’ve come to the right place. Let Ontario surprise you with the beauty of her scenery and welcome you with the warmth of her people.”

The four Fs. Foodies, fashionistas, funsters and friendly.

We already have written about this part of the world and loved it. Now we love it even more.

Ohenewa’s roots are in Ghana.

Feeling like an Ontario Foodie, we would like to try some West African food in the area thus the Golden Stool Restaurant comes to mind.

We can savor the aroma already. At goldenstoolrestaurant.com they welcome, “Golden Stool Restaurant & Lounge is unique in delivering a blend of contemporary West African, Caribbean and International Fusion Cuisine.”

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Sounds yummy.

Please take a look at their menu: http://goldenstoolrestaurant.com/our-menu-mixed/

It looks so good. Seriously folks. Check it out. Savor sweet purple and yellow yam fries, Chef Kwam’s sweet cornbread, Gold Coast Rib Steak, Maple Ginger Salmon, Grilled Beef Suya, Coconut Shrimp and more.

What is Suya you ask? Glad you did.

Suya is a spicy meat skewer. It is a shish kebab like food popular in West Africa.

Here is what one happy customer had to say at yelp.com. “I ordered Waakye using Ghanaian methode. Very appropriate since this is a West African restaurant. Explosion of flavour and the food prep is done daily using quality ingredients. The taste speaks for itself.

The restaurant has a very laid back relaxed atmosphere. Unpretentious, friendly knowledgeable staff. Made me feel as if I’m being welcomed into someone’s home for a meal. I would gladly come back here.”

When can we go?

Ohenewa is from a wonderful part of the world. We love the village that influence and propelled her early growth.

Given her stellar accomplishments on the mats and her ability to inspire and motivate, our mind is made up.

Ohenewa Akuffo is one of the best.

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