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Trending Up, Nutritious Food For Our Dogs Has Greatly Improved

Our cute, lovable dogs are sometimes the best thing that ever happened to us in life.

That’s not a sad commentary. They are just that good.

We know of one friend who never married but has had long term relationships with her dogs over the years and even after they pass, she frames their picture visible to all in the living room.

The best time to frame their life in a positive way is while they are alive.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”… Josh Billings

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Of course.

One way that we can show great appreciation to our baby doggie is to feed them regularly and feed them well.

In our own family when we fed our pet the best nutritional product at the time, we noticed that she had healthier solid stools. Just like in humans, that takes a great temperature of the state of your health.

The great news is that there is a growing movement among pet food manufacturers to provide our pets with a healthier and tasty diet.

As you examine these companies closer, what really stands out is how much extensive thought and development they put into their products.

Here are two companies that appear to receive admiration regarding making a commitment to nourishing our dogs well.


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We really loved their creative name. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy all over wearing our apron.

Enjoyable as well is what they have to say about their product. At grandmalucys.com they share their story. “Our quest for creating a safe and healthy dog treat began in 1999 when Lucy, Breann’s 11 year old English Cocker Spaniel, became extremely picky about what she would eat.

She had developed food allergies that prevented her from eating just any treat.

We tried most of the treats on the market looking for one that was not only safe and healthy, but one that Lucy would eat. After little or no success, we began reading about what was in pet food and treats. We were surprised to find the inferior quality of ingredients that are typically used in pet food products.

As a result of these findings and numerous conversations with veterinarians and pet nutritionists, we began to home cook Lucy’s meals and treats. She deserved the same quality food as the rest of the family. Surprisingly for a dog that had become very picky, she loved her home cooked meals and treats. The next step seemed natural; we wanted to be able to share with others the healthy and safe treat we were cooking for Lucy.”

What a really nice story.

Our friends at Grandma Lucy’s were one of the first manufacturers to introduce freeze-dried pet treats to the pet food market. This allowed their customers to trust the high-quality products we were making and their customer’s pets loved the treats amazing taste and variety.

It takes high quality ingredients to produce high quality pet food products which is why Grandma Lucy’s insists on personal contact with their local suppliers and growers. All incoming meats, fruits, vegetables, etc. are required to meet strict Grandma Lucy’s specifications.

Their variety is amazing.

Your pet can feast upon freeze dried grain free dog food where you can just add water along with some special oven baked treats that include organic pumpkin pie.


If your dog is feeling robust, you’ve gotta luv this name.

What caught our attention was the pronouncement made by a reviewing site iheartdogs.com, “Owner Queny Vilanueva has had her treats tested by the Cornell University Department of Foods and Science, who then teamed her up with Dhyneshwar Chawan, Ph.D., who is known as one of the premier food scientists in the world. You know these treats are good for your dog.”

Makes perfect sense. We would like to meet them.

At savvybeastpet.com they share their story. “Our family-owned business works with local farmers in New York to guarantee we are getting the freshest ingredients, like our lamb, beef, chicken and turkey with the most nutritional benefit for your beloved pooch. DogStars® are hand-made in small batches using real, certified-organic meats and other healthy ingredients.

Homemade in the kitchen of our big farm near the Catskill Mountains of New York, our nutritious dog treats are 100% wheat and gluten-free. Instead, we use chia flour, for our unique dog treats, which boasts more calcium than milk, more iron than raw spinach, more magnesium than broccoli, and more omega-3 than salmon.”

Intriguing. We love their creativity and determination to give our pet their best.

Time to personalize. They continue, “Queny Villanueva emigrated from Colombia to America at age 15. Growing up, she did not have to worry about food additives, by-products, or food processing because her father cultivated almost everything that the family ate. It was only after her move to the US that she learned how many additives and by-products are unnecessarily processed into both human and animal foods. Her early passions—animals, cooking, and healthy eating—positioned her perfectly for a transition into nutritious, artisanal pet treats. But, she started small, by cooking food for her pet dogs.

In 1992, her first dog, Kico, was diagnosed with bone cancer; she later lost her second dog, Alexander, to cancer. After these devastating deaths, she committed herself to learning more about dog nutrition and health and drew from her background, working with Dr. Martin Goldstein, one of the finest holistic veterinarians in the country.

For years, Queny worked formulating organic dog treats, with trips to the lab to guarantee her recipe met the highest standards possible. The Cornell University Department of Foods and Science teamed Queny up with Dhyneshwar Chawan, Ph.D., one of the premier food scientists in the world and she combined his knowledge with her know-how and passion to create DogStars®.

Now, Queny is confident that she is contributing to better health and nutrition for all dogs. Just ask her two Papillion taste-testers, Ruben and Sebastian, who give the treats two paws up.”

You should check out their Dog Star product line. Confidence is a state of mind. Hopefully consuming these treats will make your buddy feel like a star.

It was encouraging to meet two family owned businesses that are making the world a better place for us and our dogs. We’re not surprised that they had pets of their own.

So often in life our best work and passion speaks to what we love.

Woof, woof and two paws up.

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