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Coloring with crayons was a source of wonder and an inspiration for creativity in children around the earth.

With crayons, no matter how drab or gray your environment, you could make it magically come alive by coloring life as you would like it to be.

Back in the 1960’s we were told children at E.R. Taylor Elementary school in San Francisco had an assignment to draw animals and color them in and the winner would have their drawing posted in the window of a main street art shop.

One little boy drew a lion with a large mane. Very ferocious looking. While his drawing was good, it might not be described as stellar but it did win. Why?

The lion was wearing red lipstick.

True story.

Hey, it was the 1960’s. The times, they were a changin’.

“The whole point is to live life and be – to use all the colors in the crayon box.”…RuPaul

When young men think of beautiful women they absolutely see them in brilliant colors. All the colors of the rainbow.

Perhaps some of their inspiration comes from the magnificent and bright colors that the young women wear for lip balm or lipstick.

One company that has helped young women’s lip shine bright and brilliant is Bonnie Bell.

Bonne Bell was a cosmetics company aimed for teens.

The company was best known for its line of astringents and cleansers named “10-0-6.” In the 1970s, they expanded into a popular range of lip balms called Lip Smackers which became the company’s signature product.

Girls? Please pucker up.

In 1973 Bonne Bell introduced a flavored lip pomade called “Lip Smackers” aimed originally at skiers then later at pre-teens and teens once they caught on to the trend. The first flavors launched were strawberry, green apple, and orange chocolate.

Sounds sweet and romantic.

Bonne Bell has partnered its Lip Smackers brand with many confectionery brands., articles, photo credit

In 1975, Bonne Bell created its first partnership with Dr. Pepper to create Dr. Pepper flavored lip gloss.

Unfortunately Bonne Bell closed its doors but Lip Smackers lives on.

Lip Smackers has also partnered with brands like Mars, The Coca-Cola Company, and many Disney brands. Many Lip Smacker partnerships include Girl Scouts of America, Paul Frank, Disney Princesses, Disney Villains, Disney Finding Dory, Oliver & Jenny (TBA) and a whole slew of other Disney characters.

Partnering with other great organizations appears to be part of the Lip Smacker allure and brilliance.

“Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up.”…Allen Klein

According to, “If you weren’t already obsessed with Lip Smacker balms, you’re about to lose your Disney-loving mind. The sweet-flavored brand teamed up with Disney to bring two new balms to its Pixar Cube range. In the original Pixar-themed lineup, fans could choose from Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Lotso (from Toy Story 3), and Boo (from Monsters Inc.)

The next film in Pixar’s docket will be Toy Story 4 (in theaters June 21), and in honor of its release, Lip Smacker is adding two more of your favorite toys to the collection. Rex the dinosaur and Ham the piggy bank will be available for purchase alongside the rest of the characters for $5 each.”

Sounds colorful and fun.

If you loved coloring with crayons as a child, Lip Smacker plans to bring more color to that world, especially if you passed your tradition down to your children.

There is another bright and dynamic partnership on the horizon.

LiP SMACKER® and Crayola® Collaborate to Launch a Colorful Collection, articles, photo credit

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., May 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Coloring outside the lines has never been more fun than with two American brands infusing flavor and color, LiP SMACKER® and Crayola®, teaming up to create an exciting new collection of bold and colorful products— the LiP SMACKER® x Crayola® collaboration.

The collection, which pairs LiP SMACKER’s® iconic best flavors forever with iconic Crayola®  crayon colors, includes a five-piece Liquid Lip Gloss Party Pack, a Lip Balm Trio and an eight-piece Lip Balm Party Pack. Each Crayola® crayon-shaped lip balm and lip gloss was carefully matched to a Crayola® color associated with a flavor name, for a co-branded product that resonates with consumers. Flavor names include Crayola® color names like Jazzberry Jam™, Granny Smith Apple™, Banana Mania™, Cotton Candy™, Outrageous Orange™, Pink Sherbert™, and Wild Watermelon™.

“At LiP SMACKER, our mission is not only to deliver ‘Best Flavor Forever’ but more importantly, to inspire kids’ creativity and encourage self-expression. Crayola, a brand known for inspiring creativity and expressing emotions through colors, is a natural collaboration for LiP SMACKER,” said Stefano Curti, Global President of Markwins Beauty Brands. “Crayola and LiP SMACKER both score over 95% for brand awareness amongst millennial moms, and each is a leader in its respective category for innovation, quality, and brand trust. Most importantly, both are quintessential childhood brands, making the partnership a perfect match.”

“The essence of the Crayola brand is embodied in color, creativity and self-expression,” said Warren Schorr, Vice President of Business Development & Global Licensing, Crayola. “We are thrilled to partner with LiP SMACKER, who has established a long history filled with nostalgia to enable consumers to create personal expressions through fun, colorfully scented lip balms and glosses.”

The LiP SMACKER® x Crayola® collection is available now at Target stores and

Delivering “Best Flavor Forever” since 1973, LiP SMACKER specializes in flavored lip balms and long-standing partnerships with icons such as Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper, Disney, Marvel, M&M’s, SKITTLES® and STARBURST® brands. Visit the website for more info at or follow them on: or LiP SMACKER is a registered trademark of Markwins Beauty Brands.

About Crayola
Crayola LLC, based in Easton, Pa. and a business of Hallmark Cards, Inc., is the worldwide leader in children’s creative expression products. Known for the iconic Crayola Crayon first introduced in 1903, the Crayola brand has grown into a portfolio of innovative art tools, crafting activities and creativity toys that offer children innovative new ways to use color to create everything imaginable. Consumers can find the wide array of Crayola products in the “Crayola Aisle” at all major retailers. For more information, visit or join the community at


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