eBay’s World’s First All-Female Superhero Store

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Super Heroes are the wonder of childhood imaginations everywhere.

Whatever fears you have, whatever bullies are in your life, whatever magical kingdom you would like to be whisked off to, all is possible when you close your eyes and imagine your favorite super hero comes to your aid.

Now, more and more, female super heroines are coming to the rescue in the minds of children and adults as well.

We certainly have our favorites and our friends at Femcompetitor Magazine wrote about one of them.

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The portrayal of Women in American comic books have often been the subject of controversy since the medium’s beginning.

Critics have noted the roles of women as both supporting characters and lead characters are substantially more subjected to gender stereotypes, with femininity and or sexual characteristics having a larger presence in their overall character.

Things appear to be changing where the heroine’s super powers and what she brings to the super power table is becoming more of the focus.

In some ways the shift started in the 1990s with the popular feminist comic book character Tank Girl.

This heroine sported punk-influenced clothing and a shaved head. After becoming a figurehead in Deadline magazine, her popularity was such that a movie was eventually made. She represented the new modern woman as one who no longer had to live under traditional images of beauty or manners.

Due to this increasing popularity, you will be able to find your favorite female characters for sale on a much broader platform.

The experts at comicbook.com share, “eBay is partnering with Gail Simone and Cat Staggs to launch an all-new all-female store called Superheroine HQ, and we’ve got all the details. With so many amazing female heroes on the scene today in comics, television, and movies, this new eBay store wants to become a one-stop shop to find gear and collectibles for your favorites.”

Here is the trend that we like and would love to see continued growth. There was a 34% jump in sales year over year for female superheroes overall.

EBay is a blockbuster major player and they’ve just made a historic and powerful super heroine deal that you should read about.

It will help you dream at night.

eBay Teams Up with Influential Women in Comics to

Launch Superheroine HQ, the World’s First All-Female Superhero Store

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The online shop offers a curated selection of comics and memorabilia from vintage characters to modern fan-favorites.

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Female superheroes are more popular than ever and a force of leading ladies are taking off in Hollywood and on eBay – one of the world’s largest destinations for comics and collectibles. To celebrate this moment, eBay partnered with legendary writer Gail Simone and notable comic illustrator Cat Staggs to launch the world’s first online shop dedicated to superheroines. The new destination, “Superheroine HQ,” offers a curated selection of comics and memorabilia featuring female superheroes.

Beginning today, fans and collectors can shop thousands of female superhero comics, collectibles and merchandise all in one place at eBay.com/superheroines. Top items include WONDER WOMAN #1 CGC 8.0 ($149,950.00), ALL STAR COMICS #8 CGC 5.0 ($87,495.00), Ms. Marvel #1 CGC 9.8 signed by Stan Lee ($4,350.00), and Batman Adventures #12 CGC 9.8 – 1st Appearance of Harley Quinn ($1,949.99).  Additionally, eBay is offering a newly released, limited edition Captain Marvel: Braver & Mightier #1 comic book with an exclusive variant cover designed in collaboration with eBay, Marvel and eBay seller MyComicShop.

Fandom for superheroines is at an all-time high. eBay has seen a 63 percent spike in sales year-over-year for Captain Marvel and a 34 percent jump in sales year-over-year for female superheroes overall. With the launch of the store, eBay and industry power team Simone and Staggs are working together to put superheroines at the forefront.

“Spotlighting the amazing spectrum of women in comics has long been my passion, both the characters in the books, and the writers and artists who create them,” said Gail Simone, writer of such titles as Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Domino. “I believe these fantastic women can inspire readers everywhere to the limits of their imagination and creativity. That’s why I’m teaming up with eBay to bring more attention and accessibility to comics featuring strong female characters of past and present.”

Additionally, Staggs, who has worked on popular titles, including Smallville Season 11, Adventures of Supergirl, Wonder Woman ’77, and Orphan Black, celebrated the launch with original artwork showing the power of comics. Staggs’ eBay Superheroine HQ poster illustrates a young girl discovering her passion for comics and imagining herself as a future superhero.

“With the rising popularity of superheroes like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel from comic books to the big screen, we’ve seen this same interest resonate on eBay,” said Sam Bright, Vice President of Merchandising, eBay North America. “We’re proud to encourage a more diverse and evolving marketplace among not only our millions of buyers and sellers, but also the merchandise that we offer, giving everyone access to rare, iconic, and exclusive inventory that puts a spotlight on female superheroes.”

For more information on the world’s first online shop for female superhero comics and collectibles, visit eBay.com/superheroines and follow @eBay on social.

eBay By the Numbers

  • eBay has 179 million active buyers worldwide
  • eBay has 1.2 billion listings
  • 72% of items ship for free in U.S., UK and DE
  • 80% of all merchandise sold on eBay are new
  • 90% of items sold on eBay are Buy It Now – no bidding necessary
  • 61% of the eBay platform involves a mobile touchpoint
  • 447 million downloads of eBay Inc. apps across the globe.

About eBay

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