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They have bedazzled us with their bright, bombastic colorful styles. A sensational rainbow of colors.

And then there was the advertising. Great marketing. You knew exactly who produced those spectacularly bright posters.

We loved them.

We thought they loved us.

But then like a fickle Social Media friend, they gave up on us.

Thankfully temporarily.

On October 17, 2019, as shared by the informative source themds.com, The Global Fashion Business Journal, “Benetton bets again for the United States. The Italian fashion retailer, which retreated in the US market four years ago, when it had sixty stores, plans to try again with retail and open a pop-up store in Santa Monica (California).”

They add that Benetton shared this point of sale will be a “test” to see how the group works in the United States, and subsequently develop an expansion strategy through the opening of new stores.

Okay, so they are afraid of commitment? Even the Pop-Up Store speaks to that.

There will be no stock on hand. No commitment to a stock room. Yet.

Customers can try on the clothes and buy online directly at the store.

Okay, we can fall in love with that. We’re easy to lease. Yes, lease. I guess we’ll have to. For now.

Benetton Group is a global fashion brand based in Ponzano Veneto, Italy in 1965. Benetton Group has a network of about 5,000 stores in the main international markets.

fcielitecompetitor.com, fciwomenswrestling2.com articles, us.benetton.com-United-Colors-of-Benetton. photo

We’re becoming envious.

Benetton is known for its sports sponsorships, and for its “United Colors” advertising campaign which truly impact fans like us.

The fashion insiders at WWD add, “Benetton has been focusing online since early 2014, when it started to exit its 60 retail locations in America. In turnaround mode since last year, when Luciano Benetton returned to the brand he started with his family in 1965, plans for the company appear to be taking shape. The retailer said it’s looking at more pop-ups in other regions, but also the idea of getting into permanent retail again in the U.S.”

Good to know. We feel intrigued. It is an interesting and admittedly cautious approach.

Let’s visit Benetton and get inside of their head regarding the larger picture and their approach to their company.  

fcielitecompetitor.com, fciwomenswrestling2.com articles, us.benetton.com-United-Colors-of-Benetton. photo

At their colorful site us.benetton.com they educate, “Benetton Group is committed to being a globally responsible company, from a social, environmental and economic point of view. It is a commitment to present and future generations as well as to the communities where the company is present, both in Italy and in the countries where it operates.

Our values have been at the heart of a commitment to social responsibility that has evolved over 50 years and that translates in the will to become agents of social change, by putting people at the centre of all our activities and by cooperating with all interested stakeholders.”

Okay. There is that word commitment again. We are starting to feel more reassured since we love their clothes.

Benetton is a global company that creates a global impact.

In November 2011, Benetton created the UNHATE Foundation, launching a worldwide communication campaign described as an invitation to leaders and citizens of the world to combat the “culture of hatred.” Benetton claimed the campaign was created to serve as its corporate social responsibility strategy.

In November 2017, Benetton launched a campaign in collaboration with Devbhumi, a company owned by rural women from India‘s remote Uttarakhand region. The initiative claims to empower more than 6,000 rural women artisans in India.

We can appreciate their global reach.

“Beauty has no boundaries, no rules, no colors. Beauty is like a religion. You can include everything inside it.”… Alessandro Michele

Regarding their new approach to the United States, they have an announcement.

Will we see the word commitment anywhere there?

Please read on.

United Colors of Benetton is Back

fcielitecompetitor.com, fciwomenswrestling2.com articles, us.benetton.com-United-Colors-of-Benetton. photo

United Colors of Benetton launches U.S. Pop-Up in Los Angeles

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Oct. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — This October, United Colors of Benetton will open the doors to its first United States Pop-Up shop in more than 4 years. Located in the Santa Monica Place shopping center, the four-week Pop-Up event will begin on October 25, 2019, and conclude on November 24, 2019. The apparel will showcase the brand’s new approach to streetwear-inspired design and a renewed commitment to sustainable fashion under the artistic direction of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. The Pop-Up will offer exclusive lines from the 2019 Milan Fall Fashion show, which unveiled experimental textiles and ecological materials inspired by the sea.

The Pop-Up shop will be a physical monument to the brand’s colorful energy and creative DNA. The shop is also a representation of its broad e-commerce offerings. “With the exception of the clothing on display, the Santa Monica Pop-Up will operate without any inventory,” says Andrea Rossetto, United Colors of Benetton’s U.S. Representative. “Customers will be able to try on and interact with the clothing, but then all purchases will be made through the in-store online portal and shipped directly to the customers’ home.” This practice will eliminate waste and allow for a seamless brand experience. Executive Chairman Luciano Benetton has also recently noted that, due to strong online sales in recent years, the brand is considering re-opening stores on a more permanent basis in the United States.

Founded in 1965, Benetton is a world industry leader in sustainable fashion and production. Always committed to social causes and reducing the environmental footprint of its activities, the company has implemented responsible and sustainable management of its operations to build a better environment for the fashion community. Most recently, United Colors of Benetton pledged that by 2025, 100% of the cotton used by Benetton will be sustainable: organic, recycled or sourced from Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) farmers.

Additionally, all items will be available through the new U.S. ecommerce platform us.benetton.com. Shipping is free with a purchase of more than $50; free returns and exchanges are also available.

Benetton Group
Benetton Group is one of the best-known fashion companies in the world, present in the most important markets with a network of about 5,000 stores. It is a responsible group that plans for the future and lives in the present, with a watchful eye to the environment, to human dignity, and to a society in transformation. The Group has a consolidated identity comprised of color, authentic fashion, quality at democratic prices and passion for its work. These values are reflected in the strong, dynamic personality of the brands United Colors of Benetton and Sisley.

Eljay Feuerman

SOURCE Benetton Group

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