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February 3, 2021

They brought out the best in us. Especially our imagination. Even if it took us years to realize the significance of their philosophy, right from the outset, we knew there was something different and significant about their show.

Star Trek is an American science-fiction television series created by Gene Roddenberry that follows the adventures of the starship USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) and its crew.

The series was produced from September 1966 to December 1967 by Norway Productions and Desilu Productions, and by Paramount Television from January 1968 to June 1969.

Star Trek aired on NBC from September 8, 1966, to June 3, 1969.

Star Trek eventually spawned a franchise, consisting of eight television series, 13 feature films, and numerous books, games, and toys, and is now widely considered one of the most popular and influential television series of all time.

One of their stars who captivated audiences around the world with beauty and awe is Nichelle Nichols who quietly played Nyota Uhura.

Nyota Uhura is a fictional character in the Star Trek franchise., articles,

Uhura is a translator and communications officer who specializes in linguistics, cryptography, and philology.

In the original TV series, the character was portrayed by our heroine Nichelle Nichols who later reprised the role for the first six Star Trek feature films.


We would like to know more about her resume.

At her dynamic site her team shares, “Actress Nichelle Nichols, known for her most famous role as communications officer Lieutenant Uhura aboard the USS Enterprise in the popular Star Trek television series, displays her Lego astronaut ring while visiting the “Build the Future” activity where students created their vision of the future in space with LEGO bricks and elements inside a tent that was set up on the launch viewing area at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla. on Monday, Nov. 1, 2010. NASA and The LEGO Group signed a Space Act Agreement to spark children’s interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).”

We’re starting to soar. There’s more.

Ms. Nichols adds, “You’ve heard the timeless adage: “Life comes full circle,” and “what goes around comes around.” I believe that, rather than moving in a circle and returning to the same starting point again and again, we travel the course of an infinite spiral. When we return to a starting point we are at a different level, hopefully a higher one; a spiritual peak from which to view our lives. And, thanks to you, what a life I’ve lived.

Before I made the leap to working with the great Duke Ellington, before I became a professional dancer and singer, I had to discover myself. As I learned to believe in my talent, my voice, myself, I learned that I could make others believe as well.”

We believe.

From 1977 to 2015, Ms. Nichols volunteered her time to promote NASA‘s programs, and to recruit diverse astronauts, including women and ethnic minorities.

Our star was born in Robbins, Illinois, near Chicago, to Samuel Earl Nichols, a factory worker who was elected both town mayor of Robbins and its chief magistrate, and his wife, Salish (Parks) Nichols.

Later, the family moved to the bustling metropolis of Chicago where she studied as well as New York and Los Angeles.

There is more good news as our visionary and luminary is winding down her career. She is ready for one final blast off to the stars and she is happy to take all of us with her.

Star Trek’s Uhura – Nichelle Nichols Stars in Her Final Performance, articles, Star-Trek-fame-PR-Newswire

Renegades: Ominara to Start Production

News provided by

Nichelle Nichols

Jan 24, 2021, 16:45 ET

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) & Atomic Studios are partnering for an epic production. After an illustrious career spanning sixty years, Nichelle Nichols is retiring from the screen. Best known as Lt. Uhura in Star Trek, Nichelle Nichols was also instrumental in diversifying NASA’s space program by recruiting astronauts such as Mae Jemison.

Now, with her groundbreaking career coming to a close, she and longtime co-star, Walter Koenig (also of Babylon 5) will be acting together in the updated production of Renegades. Entitled Ominara, this sci-fi adventure will follow young Ominara and her lifelong conflict with Prof. Steiner (Koenig) who uses her as a test subject for his technological experiments. After escaping imprisonment, Ominara, and her friends become infamous space criminals with the help of Intergalactic Crimelord Reza, played by Jason Faunt of Power Rangers fame.

The project will also feature an all-star younger cast, including Loren Lott from the Young & the Restless and American Idol playing Nichelle’s youthful persona. Johnny Jay Lee will be playing the younger version of Walter Koenig’s role. Rounding out the cast of Ominara’s friends and cohorts are Chalet Lizette Brannan, also a singer and star in the upcoming series For Nothing and Peter Pan – Land of Forever as well as Jackie R. Jacobson of Netflix’s Malibu Rescue series.

Tim Russ of Star Trek: Voyager fame is directing, while award-winning writer and novelist Frank Zanca is penning and producing. Sky Conway, the producer behind such fan favorites as Star Trek: Of Gods & Men, Star Trek: Renegades, and Renegades: The Requiem is executive producing.

“This is going to be an amazing project,” says Zanca. “It’s got a bit of everything- interesting characters, sci-fi action, intrigue, and a talented and diverse cast. Nichelle is an amazing lady and all of the fan support is greatly appreciated.”

You can support the project too – now on Kickstarter with some amazing perks, including a limited edition Ominara figure, autographed photos, and even walk-on roles and set visits. Click the link for more information.

Crowdfund Progress: After only four days, the campaign is halfway to its minimum goal on Indiegogo with almost 150 donors pledging over $22,000.

Media Contact:
Frank Zanca
Phone: 800-681-5988

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