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Vibrant Teen And Young Women’s Hand Bags, Kate Spade Company

January 18, 2019,

Bags for your books known as a back pack are a staple for college students.

Cute bags for teens and young women are not required but are so much fun.

Especially when they are made like the Cross-body Bag, ABCmall Chirstmas Cupcake Ice-cream Design Small Shoulder Bag (yes Chirstmas).

They are so cute and daring.

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Teens and incredible purses are a growing trend.

As reported on October 29, 2018 at teenvogue.com, “Because Kendall and Kylie Jenner haven’t already done enough for our wardrobes—and makeup drawers—the stylish sisters have just released their most affordable line yet, in an online-only partnership with Walmart.

Available for pre-order today with items shipping on November 7, the handbag and accessory collection is available exclusively at Walmart.com. In a collection rife with cross-body bags, clutches, keychains, duffel bags, and more, no item retails for more than $36! All of the bags are uniquely Kendall and Kylie.”

Sounds unique and exciting.

Another outstanding purse and bag designer that has enhanced the dreams of young women for over two decades is Kate Spade.

fcielitecompetitor.com, fciwomenswrestling2.com articles. katespade.com photo credit

The team at liveabout.com acknowledges, “Kate Spade is a favorite among the prep school set. The punchy colors and patterns (think stripes and polka dots) add a playful element to the brand’s signature bag shapes.

In addition to classic purse styles that will be popular year over year, the brand has more whimsical options on offer each season, like bags and clutches shaped like fruit, butterflies, or other animals.”

The purses can be a little pricey but life is precious, the teen years are for the moment, so if you can afford one, they appear to be well worth it.

fcielitecompetitor.com, fciwomenswrestling2.com articles. katespade.com photo credit

They turn the moments into special moments.

By the way, they do make back packs as well.

We’d like to meet them.

Knocking on their door at katespade.com they share much about themselves. “Since its launch in 1993 with a collection of six essential handbags, Kate Spade New York has always stood for optimistic femininity. Today, the brand is a global life and style house with handbags, ready-to-wear, jewelry, footwear, gifts, home décor and more. Polished ease, thoughtful details and a modern, sophisticated use of color—Kate Spade New York’s founding principles define a unique style synonymous with joy. Under the vision of creative director Nicola Glass, the brand continues to celebrate confident women with a youthful spirit.”

That is very impressive. An exceptional purpose creates longevity.

And to think, it all started back in 1993.

Their story continues.

When Kate Brosnahan Spade, a former Accessories Editor at Mademoiselle, set out to design the perfect handbag, she accomplished that.

Debuting with just six silhouettes, she combined sleek, utilitarian shapes and colorful palettes in an entirely new way and so Kate Spade New York was born.

Young women are you ready for them?

Women and Fashion Editors fell for the fresh, modern sensibility, and their first shop in New York City which swiftly opened in 1996.

As the company grew, their graphic approach and trademark wit created a visual shorthand for a brand recognizable the world over.

Through their on purpose collection, they build suppliers that help transform communities by employing and empowering its primary agents of change: women.

A beautiful purpose that beautifies young women.

To spread the hand bag love around we have an intriguing visiting writer who knows quite a bit about the great combination of young women and sensational hand bags at a reasonable price.

Teen Fashion – Wholesale Handbags For Teen Girls

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By Zeeshan Ah

Finding beautiful and classy handbags is not something that only women are interested in but many teenage girls who want to look stylish and fashionable also want to purchase trendy handbags. Designer handbags are the first choice of teenage girls, as they not only look stylish but are also envied by the classmates and friends. However, since designer bags are very expensive, it is not possible for everyone to get a designer handbag.

The demands of the teenage girls are often outrageous but most parents do not want to disappoint them and try to find alternatives. After all, looking stylish and fashionable is something all teen girls are fond of, and they do not want to compromise their image at any cost. So, the most convenient solution for the parents is to find designer teen handbags at a lower price than the market rate.

The best way to find designer handbags at a lower price is to purchase wholesale handbags. These teen handbags are sold at quite reduced rate and hence the parents can purchase the designer handbags in bulk. The remaining handbags can be presented as a gift to someone else or can be kept for future use, as teenage girls are careless and can often ruin their bags at a party.

Teenage is the most difficult phase of life, and teenagers are usually bent on doing anything and everything that they can to fit in and be admired. Teenage girls want to look like fashion divas and obviously no fashion diva is complete without a stylish handbag. Hence, the need for designer teen handbags is expressed by the teenage girls at some point in their school life.

Going to a shop or boutique that sells these special designer teen handbags can give you a reality check, as they are so overpriced that most of the parents cannot even dream of spending so much money on such a small item. So, they opt for the cheaper option, which is to find the same designer handbags in wholesale and pay remarkably less for the same thing.

Many parents are not sure about the option to buy wholesale teen handbags, as they think that the reason for low price is that they are cheap knock offs rather than the original thing. However, the fact is that if you find reputable wholesale dealers, they sell the original bags at a discounted rate only. There might be a few quacks in the town but most of them are genuine dealers.

Owing to the influx of movies and pop culture, teenage girls get easily influenced, and they want to do everything to make their appearance fashionable and hip hop. When they see girls of their age carrying these stylish and trendy handbags, they feel the need to get one for themselves as well, and not having a stylish handbag can ruin the whole attire for a stylish event.

The designers and boutiques cater to the rich only, and it is not possible for the average income parents to get these accessories for their kids at such high prices. The ones affordable look cheap and are not acceptable for teenage girls. Hence, the wholesale teen handbags serve as lifesavers for such parents who hate to see their daughters sad.

For more information on teen handbags, please visit http://www.handbagsatwholesale.com

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