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Little Ceasar’s Pizza, Continuing To Score Big With College Students

Should this date become a national holiday for college students?

April 2, 2018 was a milestone in college student’s pizza loving history.

On their Twitter the Little Caesars pizza chain announced, “If a #16 BEATS a #1 in men’s basketball TONIGHT, you could score a @LittleCaesars Lunch Combo!”

Could the unthinkable happen?

Yes it could and did. The University of Maryland, Baltimore County, beat the University of Virginia and everyone in America scored a Little Caesars Lunch Combo.

As reported at USA Today News, “The UMBC Retrievers did what has never been done before in the NCAA tournament: As a No. 16 seed, they beat the No. 1 seed, the Virginia Cavaliers. They believed in themselves and pulled off the stunning 74-54 victory in the first round on Friday night. Whether you were rooting for the underdogs or the Cavaliers, there’s great news: We all win pizza!”

What a prize.

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As a student athlete, where were you that day and what were you doing between 11:30am to 1pm?

Hopefully chomping down on some nice, warm delicious pizza.

College students love Little Caesars. The prices are incredible and the taste, especially when you are hungry and studying late at night, is outstanding.

Little Caesar Enterprises Inc. otherwise known as Little Caesars is the third-largest pizza chain in the United States, behind Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza.

It operates and franchises pizza restaurants in the United States and internationally in Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Did you know that? Apparently college students around the world are able to get their late night pizza fix inexpensively as well.

“I love sporting events and popcorn and pizza and being outside, like at a baseball or football game. I love amusement parks, going to ride roller coasters.”…Carrie Underwood

The company was founded in 1959 and is based in Detroit, Michigan, headquartered in the Fox Theatre building.

Little Caesars Pizza was founded on May 8, 1959, by Mike Ilitch and his wife Marian Ilitch. The first location was in a strip mall in Garden City, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, and named “Little Caesar’s Pizza Treat”.

So much for nostalgia. The original little store recently closed in October of 2018.

Do you still remember this? The company is famous for its advertising catchphrase, “Pizza! Pizza!” which was introduced in 1979. The phrase refers to two pizzas being offered for the comparable price of a single pizza from competitors.

We love their variety in pricing and offerings. Being able to walk into their food outlets and order their Hot N Ready pizza and literally have it in our hands within seconds.

Sometimes even though there is a party at home, we can’t resist opening that box, in the car, and tasting a slice while it is fresh and hot.

Come on. You’ve done that too.

One thing we wish that they would participate in, and see what you think about this, is home delivery, understandably on their higher priced pizzas.

That doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon.

The company is one of the last big, national pizza chains not offering delivery.

This thinking is not just on our minds but others as well. At the informative news and information source CNBC muses, “At a time when many other restaurant chains are adding delivery — including fast-food giants such as McDonald’s — Little Caesars’ business model relies heavily on ready-made pizzas, wings and crazy bread that customers can purchase with little to no wait time.”

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While Little Caesars currently has no plans to add an in-house delivery service, some customers can use third-party companies like Door Dash, GrubHub and Post Mates, among others, to purchase Little Caesars pizza and have it delivered.

Maybe you have utilized those options.

More innovative programs are available.

While the company will not be developing its own delivery service, the chain is in the process of rolling out online and mobile ordering to its locations.

Depending upon your hunger level they do offer a variety of combination pizzas and now there is news they are expanding their offerings. Our taste buds are so happy.

On December 6, 2018, the global news source foxnews.com reports, “Little Caesars has created the ultimate mash-up of Italian foods with a brand-new lasagna pizza. The 14-inch round pie features a toasted Parmesan breadcrumb crust topped with meaty marinara sauce, mini ribbon pasta, Italian sausage and a blend of mozzarella, Muenster and ricotta cheeses.

Little Caesars is offering it at select locations in three states only — Ohio, Georgia and West Virginia.”

Okay. Good to know. That is a nice start and we hope this new special pizza idea spreads across the country.

That is a lot of love. There is more love.

Have you ever heard of the Little Caesar’s Love Kitchen?

The Little Caesars Love Kitchen is a kitchen on wheels that serves pizza to those in need. Since its creation in 1985, it has traveled to 48 states and 4 Canadian provinces and responded to several disasters, including the September 11 terrorist attacks.

How impressive have they been?

Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush recognized the Love Kitchen by awarding Little Caesars with The President’s Volunteer Action Award Citation.

More and more it is becoming apparent that from college students to those in need, Little Caesars is very active in the community.

Here is another beneficial program that they participate in.

In 2006, Little Caesars started its Veterans Program, which provides incentives to honorably discharged veterans looking to open their own business when transitioning back to civilian life or seeking a career change.

The original owner Mr. Ilitch was inspired to start the program after hearing a story about a veteran, who lost both legs in war, returning to civilian life.

We really appreciate their commitment to the communities they serve.

As we visit their website, they continue to add fun and food to the sports world. Listen in. “Today, the Ilitches are part of two of the most exciting teams in professional sports: the Detroit Red Wings (purchased by Mike and Marian in 1982) and the Detroit Tigers (purchased by Mike in 1992).

Under Ilitch ownership, the Red Wings have won 16 divisional championships, six President’s Trophies (for the season-best record among all NHL teams), six Campbell Bowls and four Stanley Cups. The team has played post-season hockey for 25 consecutive years — the most in all of current professional sports. In 2014, ground was broken on a new home for the Red Wings, now called Little Caesars Arena, which forms the heart of The District Detroit. This project, led by Olympia Development, is designed to renovate 50 blocks of Detroit into a walkable, five-neighborhood community with residential, sports and entertainment venues.

In 2000, doors opened to a new, $295-million ballpark for the Tigers, which was brought to life by the Ilitch’s real estate development and management company, Olympia Entertainment. In 2006, the Tigers captured the American League pennant for the first time in 22 years and they repeated this feat in 2012. The Tigers also won the Central Division for four consecutive years, from 2011 through 2014.”

Sports and pizza. What could be better?

Keep your taste buds primed and your appetite varied.

Little Caesars appears to be eager to quickly satisfy both.

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