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Students, Saffron Road’s Frozen Dinners, A Healthier path

In the orbit of a free market, there are many roads that lead to prosperity, thus the most effective one must be identified and taken.

Therein is the challenge.

What can help guide you towards the right road?

Your core values, principles and quest.

There are many players in the healthy foods global game. We are so happy about that.

Some tend to stand out more than others and while in general, they all seem to have a higher purpose than just earning profits, it is the road that they are traveling that separates them.

Even in the frozen foods space, which traditionally has been produced with salts and unhealthy ingredients, we have our favorites who have made a commitment to allow us to fix a quick and absolutely delicious meal and have our bodies benefit from it as well.

In the healthy frozen foods industry we love any name that contains Saffron.

Saffron is an autumn-flowering crocus with reddish-purple flowers, native to warmer regions of Eurasia. Enormous numbers of flowers are required to produce a small quantity of the large red stigmas used for the spice.

Saffron Road is an American food brand. It is a subsidiary of American Halal Company, Inc. Saffron Road manufactures frozen foods and healthy snacks that are halal certified.

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Saffron Road products are sold through 15,000 retail locations across the nation such as Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Safeway Inc., Giant Food Stores, Publix, Sprouts Farmers Market and H-E-B.

In July 2010, Saffron Road was launched through Whole Foods. Its products are halal certified, antibiotic free, and non-gmo project verified. Ingredients come from family owned, sustainable farms.

This unique company is ranked third in natural frozen food sales in the United States by 2014.

By 2014, Saffron Road produced fifty different products. Product lines include frozen entrees, appetizers and desserts, chicken nuggets and tenders, skillet sauces and broths, and snacks such as BeanStalks and ChickBean Crisps.

Are you hungry yet?

Reviews of their entrees describe them as wonderfully healthy and incredibly delicious.

Here are two found at the informative site thedailymeal.com:

Sesame Ginger Salmon Bowl

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Salmon is a healthful addition to any diet. This bowl is rounded out with vegetables and rice, all topped with a sweet sauce that doesn’t go too crazy on the added sugar. They even use wild-caught Alaskan salmon, so you can be sure it’s better for you (and the planet) than other fillets of fish!

Teriyaki Chicken With Soba Noodles

The first four ingredients of this bowl are vegetables — but eating this for dinner won’t leave you hungry. You get all kinds of satisfying nutrients from soba noodles and teriyaki chicken which, unlike your typical Chinese takeout, isn’t loaded with added sugar and sodium.

Sounds yummy.

We love the healthy highway that Saffron Road is traveling.

“People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.”…H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

After dinner, let’s visit their site at saffronroad.com where they introduce their humble beginnings to us. “Saffron Road is the culmination of Founder Adnan Durrani’s life’s work. As a long time social entrepreneur, Adnan was searching for a social enterprise that could bring people together.

The natural food pioneer envisioned a halal food brand that also embodied ethical consumerism: organic ingredients with no GMOs, no artificial ingredients, and no antibiotics. A brand that celebrated world cuisine, ethnic diversity and cultural harmony.

He named it Saffron Road, inspired by the Silk Road, the legendary caravan route that connected the cultures of the ancient world.

Today as CEO, Adnan leads us on the Journey to Better. With a mission to restore the “spiritual sacredness to food.”

That is a mission that we certainly can identify with.

We want to focus more specifically on the road they are traveling and how they began to walk on it. They continue, “Saffron Road’s global journey began with a core belief that traditionally pure foods can be a safe medium to compassionately inspire and inclusively connect diverse cultures together. Regardless of language, religion, or culture, everyone loves authentically delicious, wholesome foods. Saffron Road celebrates our fundamental commonality as inspired in our World Cuisines, which we feel can bridge many of humanity’s widest of divides.”

Breaking bread with friends and others can be a bond that can bind us together with people from all walks of life.

Have you ever traveled to visit relatives who live in another region and at dinner time, they invite friends over? Once you sit down, relax and begin to break bread together, sometimes that one encounter can form friendships that last a lifetime.

Which now brings us to Saffron Road’s purpose. “Our purpose is to inspire people, and to connect cultures through a shared love of and passion for world cuisines. Our brand promise is that all of Saffron Road’s premium food products are ethically made and of the highest quality, as well as delivering on superior taste profiles.

On the Saffron Road, we have RESPECT FOR ALL. We care about people and our environment. We minimize our impact on the planet and we support family-owned farms, responsible fishery, and raising animals with compassionate care.

Our journey is fueled by CULINARY PASSION. Our values hold us to exceptional standards to help us be a leader in premium, natural and organic foods.

We have a CURIOUS SPIRIT and can’t wait to see what we discover next—new foods, new flavors or new ingredients. We love learning about different cultures and meeting different people.

We are a socially conscious company that believes in lifting up others. We want to help bridge the gaps that separate us and we want to leave our planet better off than we found it.”

Planet earth can use all of the help that she can get.

For those of us with extremely busy schedules, especially college students, that require us to multi-task, dining on a healthy meal that is quick to fix is very helpful as well.

So, the next time that you stop by your super market, think about Saffron Road.

Given the variety and the quality of ingredients they produce their frozen dinner with, your road towards home should be filled with delicious expectations.

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