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Warner Pacific University Women’s Wrestling Program, Portland’s Favorite

Young people in the Portland area are probably some of the most alert students in the country.

And they should be.

According to the informative group simplefloorspdx.com, “There are 2,572 coffee shops within the city of Portland “proper”, including locations within traditional Portland suburbs such as Beaverton, Gresham, Wilsonville and Tigard, as well as the overall Portland Metro area.”

That our friends is a lot of java.

Filled with caffeine.

When the respected wellness source healthline.com speaks, we listen. They educate, “Caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant. When it reaches your brain, the most noticeable effect is alertness. You’ll feel more awake and less tired.”

Sounds like mocha music to a student’s ears.

Inspiration is also music to student’s ears. Especially a female freestyle wrestler.

There is a rallying cry that can be heard throughout the great Pacific Northwest. Please lean a little closer. Can you hear it?

“We’re looking for talented wrestlers to keep our momentum going!”

That is the admonition found at the Warner Pacific University women’s wrestling athletic page and many female student athletes are heeding the call.

We certainly understand why. Warner Pacific University is a phenomenal college with a dynamic progressive leadership located in a hip and cool town with fresh air where you drink lots of coffee.

Warner Pacific University is an urban, Christian liberal arts university located in Southeast Portland, Oregon, United States. Founded in 1937, the university is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. A private university, it is affiliated with the Church of God.

The school was established by the Church of God, whose founder was Daniel Sidney Warner. The church voted to establish the college in September 1935, and in January 1936 the church bought land in Spokane, Washington, for the school.

Then Pacific Bible College moved to Oregon in 1940 to its current campus in the Mount Tabor neighborhood of Southeast Portland.

fcielitecompetitor.com, fciwomenswrestling2.com articles, M.O. Stevens Own work Wikimedia photo

In 2018, the school changed its name to Warner Pacific University.

What this engaging university has to offer is substantial.

Warner Pacific University’s traditional undergraduate program offers 25 majors, seven areas of pre-professional study, and 29 minors.

Already swelling with a growing curriculum Warner Pacific University recently added more courses that speak their rapidly changing times which include:

  • Digital Media and Communications
  • Ministry and Community Engagement
  • Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice and Criminology (PGS)
  • MBA

As a result of their accomplishments the college was ranked as the 6th best among western regional colleges by U.S. News & World Report in 2016.

After all of that we we’ll have an extra cup of coffee so we can be alert when the school president speaks. Ah, warm and soothing.


At warnerpacific.edu the university president Ms. Andrea P. Cook, Ph.D. inspires, “At Warner Pacific, we develop significant relationships with our students, and believe it’s an essential means of educating, challenging and serving students who might otherwise not finish their education. The reality is our educational system has been designed for advantaged people. In order to make education more fully accessible, we need to create a “counter system” that grants access and provides opportunity for success to a wider population—that’s what we’re about.”

That is great to hear.

There is more good news.

On Friday, March 2, 2018, as published by the Pamplin Media Group, “Tuition and fees for the 2017-18 academic year are $24,500. Beginning in the coming fall semester, tuition and fees will be cut to $18,660 – making Warner Pacific the most affordable private college or university in Oregon, pointed out the school’s VP for Enrollment and Marketing Dale Seipp Jr.”

The school encourages interdisciplinary learning and invite honest questioning through a foundation of faith. As a result, faculty members have created a core curriculum rooted in the notion of paradox that challenges students to engage with life’s most difficult questions.

The school has inspired a group of talented high school female wrestlers to be recruited into their women’s wrestling program.

Their team are members of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), Division II; Cascade Collegiate Conference.

The media has taken notice. On October 29, 2013 the respected news and information source oregonlive.com reported, “Warner Pacific announced Monday that it intends to add men’s and women’s wrestling to its athletic programs starting in 2014-15.

The women’s team becomes the 21st in the nation, joining in-state competitors Pacific University and Southwestern Oregon Community College. Also nearby are Menlo and defending women’s wrestling national champion Simon Fraser (British Columbia).”

Participation in women’s high school and collegiate wrestling is surging and Warner Pacific is helping them find their way to the mat.

The female wrestling program at Warner Pacific is in great hands.

fcielitecompetitor.com, fciwomenswrestling2.com articles, wpuknights.com photo credit

At their athletic site wpuknights.com they educate, “Frank Johnson was named head coach of the newly launched Knights men’s and women’s wrestling programs in January of 2014.

Johnson is a long-time advocate for the sport of wrestling with 12 years of experience organizing wrestling clinics, camps, and goodwill competitions. These events have featured world class coaches and wrestlers from the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, and Russia. Further promoting the sport locally, he started and served as editor of Matside Oregon, a statewide newspaper for amateur wrestling.”

You can watch them compete at one of their tournaments against the University of Providence.


The surrounding area and neighborhoods around the university have so much to offer as well.

So what is all of this excitement about being located in Southeast Portland?

Time for more enlightenment.

Southeast Portland stretches from the warehouses along the Willamette through historic Ladd’s Addition to the Hawthorne and Belmont districts out to Gresham.

Southeast Portland has blue-collar roots and has evolved to encompass a wide mix of backgrounds. The Hawthorne district in particular is known for its artistic community and small sub-culturally oriented shops.

Between the 1920s and the 1960s, Southeast was home to Lambert Gardens. Southeast Portland also features Mt. Tabor, a cinder cone volcano that has become one of Portland’s more scenic and popular parks. Peacock Lane is a street known locally for lavish Christmas decorations and displays.

They have some wonderful coffee houses too.

We fell in love with Nossa Familia Coffee Shop. At their site full of aroma, nossacoffee.com they welcome, “Nossa Familia Coffee is a Portland, Oregon-based roaster that was founded in 2004 by Brazilian native Augusto Carneiro. Augusto has always felt a deep sense of pride for the work his family has done growing coffee in the highlands Brazil since the 1890s, and he formed Nossa Familia to bring his family’s coffee to Portland.”

Sounds exotic and wonderful.

We would like to hear what the locals have to say about this establishment. At Yelp.com one reviewer in the know expresses, “This cafe is a hidden gem! It has the perfect quiet atmosphere for a rainy Saturday morning coffee, and the food options all looked so good I had trouble deciding what to get. The latte was perfect and served in a cute cup, and the avo toast was on sough dough bread and topped with pickled radishes which made it extra savory!

The staff was very nice, the cafe was clean and had an excessive amount of plants/succulents (which is a good thing), and it felt just hipster enough not to be pretentious.”

Good. We absolutely love hipster. Drinking some warm delicious coffee while talking with friends can make us feel smarter than we actually really are.

The travel leaders at Lonely Planet sum up the Portland area well. They always do. “Oregon’s largest city used to seem like a well-kept secret: it had all the cultural advantages of a major city but the feel and affordability of a small town. There’s a coffee roastery and a craft brewery on just about every block. And the food carts – more and better than ever.

Portland has an almost unfair abundance of natural beauty – perfect parks, leafy trees, vibrantly flowering shrubs lining pretty residential streets, the Willamette River meandering through town, and Mt Hood on the horizon. And the open-minded, appealingly off-kilter vibe of the place – that whole ‘Keep Portland Weird’ thing – certainly hasn’t changed. These days, there’s just more to love.”

Yes there is more to love in Portland which includes a forward thinking University named Warner Pacific who fields a women’s wrestling program determined to make a name for themselves.

~ ~ ~

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