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Big screen TVs are an essential addition for true movie lovers. They are so convenient when you need your fix.

Convenience is the key.

When you really get serious about seeing a blockbuster film, you almost always have to go to the movie theaters. The experience is unique, including having the crowd watch along with you.

The movie theater business is becoming more crowded and we’re glad.

Every time we think that the cable movie providers have saturated the field, another player emerges with an enticing offer.

That’s not just a good thing. It’s a great thing.

Imagine how actors feel about that. There is far more work for them than ever before. We can remember decades ago when maybe thirty to fifty movies came out in an entire year and only those designated by the studios received work.

Now it is an absolute bonanza.

Part of that industry expansion is that many paid subscription channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and others are producing their original programming.

Then in terms of the movie and video streaming services like Netflix, Hula, Sling, Amazon Prime Video, CBS All Access and other major players, you would think there just isn’t room for any more profits, but apparently there is.

Are hunger for celluloid entertainment is unlimited., articles, photo credit

Meet Regal Unlimited.

A video streaming service’s success largely depends on what its library offers and Regal Unlimited boasts a large one.

Online streaming services started as an add-on to DVD and digital download offerings with a bundle of second-run movies and TV shows. The speedier internet connections and an abundance of video streaming services have accelerated the decline of traditional cable.

Still, Regal Unlimited is ready to compete.

Here is our understanding of how it works. The Regal Unlimited subscription will allow users, who must pay a monthly or yearly fee, to see as many movies as they want at Regal theaters, according to Regal’s website.

Let’s get verification.

At they summarize better. “At Regal Cinemas is launching its own movie subscription service that will let moviegoers watch an unlimited number of movies. The price will range from $18 to $23.50 a month, depending on the theater location. Called Regal Unlimited, details were posted on the theater chain’s website today, and the service is set to launch in less than a week, according to Deadline.

Subscription plans are tiered based on theater locations, with moviegoers in larger cities like LA and New York having to sign up for the Regal Unlimited All Access plan to find theaters that are participating in the service. The service will operate through the Regal Cinemas app on iOS and Android, where users can book their tickets.”

Why don’t we go directly to the source to get a very clear picture of how it works?

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn., July 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Regal unveiled today its new paid subscription plan, Regal Unlimited, for movie enthusiasts who want to see unlimited movies, anytime. The Regal Unlimited pass will be exclusively available on the Regal mobile app where moviegoers can choose from three different plans based on theatre location starting at only $18 a month.

“We are excited to debut our Regal Unlimited subscription plan. This is the program moviegoers have been craving–one that is truly unlimited,” said Ken Thewes, Chief Marketing Officer at Regal. “Every movie fan is going to love Regal Unlimited because it is the ONLY cinema subscription plan that offers the ability to watch as many movies as you want, whenever you want.”

Subscribers of Regal Unlimited will enjoy all of the following benefits:

  • Enjoy Unlimited Movies. With the annual Regal Unlimited subscription, you can watch as many standard format movies as you want, whenever you want. There are no blackout dates, and you can purchase advance tickets as soon as they go on sale. For special formats, it will be easy to upgrade your ticket to see a movie in VIP, ScreenX, 4DX, IMAX, RPX and 3D, by paying the usual standard upcharge.
  • Save on Snacks and Drinks. Regal Unlimited subscribers will enjoy a 10% concessions discount on all food and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Enjoy a Birthday Bonus. As a subscriber, you will also enjoy a free large popcorn and large drink on your birthday.
  • Save on Fees. Additionally, there will be a reduced online convenience fee for the Regal Unlimited ticket.
  • Get all the Benefits of the Regal Crown Club. When you sign up for Regal Unlimited, you will be automatically enrolled in the Regal Crown Club, the industry’s leading loyalty program. Along with all the club benefits, you will earn credits for every dollar spent with your Regal Unlimited subscription including the opportunity to attend advance screenings.

“Regal Unlimited is the best value option for movie fans with plans starting as low as $18 a month,” explained Kelly Hawkins, Vice President of Loyalty at Regal. “With all the benefits of the plan including unlimited movies, discounts at concessions, birthday bonuses and reduced fees, Regal Unlimited is truly limitless.”

To become a Regal Unlimited subscriber, customers can download the Regal mobile app where additional details about the program are outlined. Guests will choose one of three different subscription plans based on theatre location starting at $18 with the Regal Unlimited plan, available at over 200 theatres.  Subscribers can upgrade to the Regal Unlimited Plus at $21 per month, expanding your options to over 400 theatres, or the Regal Unlimited All Access pass at $23.50 per month, giving you access to every Regal theatre across the U.S. Moviegoers who sign up for Regal Unlimited will be automatically enrolled in the free Regal Crown Club program. Through the Regal Crown Club, the industry’s leading loyalty program, millions of active members accumulate credits at the box office and concession stand to earn rewards including free popcorn, soft drinks, movies and merchandise.

About Regal:
Regal, a subsidiary of the Cineworld Group, operates one of the largest and most geographically diverse theatre circuits in the United States, consisting of 7,211 screens in 549 theatres in 42 states along with the District of Columbia and Guam as of June 30, 2019. We believe that the size, reach and quality of the company’s theatre circuit provides its patrons with a convenient and enjoyable movie going experience. We are committed to being “The Best Place to Watch a Movie!” Additional information is available on Regal’s website:

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