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The Teenage Sleepover Is Still Alive And Well. Fun Too.

Some of a teenage girl’s best memories probably did not take place at her own home.

Unless she hosted the sleepover herself.

Most of the time the enjoyment of a sleepover is to get away from the parents, eat fun food, talk until the sun comes up and if you really had fun, get very little sleep at all.

A sleepover, also known as a pajama party or a slumber party, is a party, most commonly held by teenage girls, where a guest or guests are invited to stay overnight at the home of a friend, sometimes to celebrate birthdays or other special events.

A lock-in (what a name) is a similar event held in a setting other than a private home, such as a school or church.

The sleepover is often called a rite of passage as a young woman or a teenager, begins to assert independence and to develop social connections outside the immediate family.

The real fun are the creative activities that you can get into.

Comedies on film often depict that so well.

Sleepover is a 2004 American comedy teen film directed by Joe Nussbaum and starring Alexa Vega, Sara Paxton, Mika Boorem, Scout Taylor-Compton, Kallie Flynn Childress, Sean Faris and Jane Lynch.

Here is the storyline:

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On the last day of 8th grade before their freshman year in high school, Julie Corky (Alexa Vega) has a slumber party with 3 best friends, Hannah Carlson (Mika Boorem), Farrah James (Scout Taylor-Compton), and Yancy Williams (Kallie Flynn Childress).

As a quartet, they end up having the adventure of their lives. A group of popular girls, led by a former friend of Julie’s, Staci Blake (Sara Paxton), challenge the girls to a scavenger hunt. The prize will be a coveted lunchtime seat near the fountain in high school. The losers will have to sit at tables near the school’s dumpsters.

Does that sound like any sleepover you attended?

One of our associates related that, more than the activities, she enjoyed just relaxing and talking all night long about the boys they were crazy about.

Today’s sleepovers have become very creative indeed and very corporate.

Given how they are orchestrated, that is actually a good thing.

Once such company that is making a name for itself in the sleepover industry is Elite Teepees.

At their website they share, “Elite Teepees℠ makes dreams come true by creating magical sleepover experiences. Organizing sleepovers can cost precious time in today’s non-stop society, and the stress of planning ends up outweighing the joy of a festive night in with friends. This is where Elite Teepees℠ comes in. Simply put: we set up the space, you enjoy the party, and we pack it up the next day.”

Wow. That sounds great. In times past there was so much residue left over afterwards that it took the parents all day to clean up. This is a welcome change.

They continue, “Parents love our service because they can take a break before the kids arrive, while we set everything up, and families altogether enjoy our service because the teepees accommodate both adults and children.

We cultivate an exquisite and fun environment for you and your guests.  We offer add-ons and decorations ranging from a fully stocked candy wheel to star night light projector and black lights. Whether game night or girls’ night, whether the party is for two or twenty, we have the add-ons you need to make your sleepover a night to remember.”

Magnificent. It makes us want to be a part of sleepovers all over again.

More options are available for those who not only want to enjoy the sleepover experience as a customer but also have the option of financially benefiting from it as well.

You should read on.

Earn a Great Living, Have Fun, Flexibility and Freedom with Elite Teepees

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Creative? Love kids? Become part of the growing $38B Birthday Party Industry

CARLSBAD, Calif., Dec. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Elite Teepees, “The Sleepover Experts” is the only company offering an opportunity to join this high growth market and become a part of the sleepover revolution that is taking the world by storm. CEO and founder Nikki Kay created Elite Teepees based on her successful corporate experience, her passion for creativity, and an absolute conviction “to create a path for others to follow …. to empower others to be the best version of themselves and reap the benefits of business ownership.”  Elite Teepees deliver and set up handcrafted teepees in the comfort of the client’s own home, then packs it all away the next day, to create magical experiences for kids. You too can earn a fabulous executive or part-time income; work from home; enjoy the flexibility of setting your own hours; have time to spend with your family; and bring joy to your community!

Styled luxury sleepovers are the fastest growing global birthday party trend. A trend that is already exploding in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and now the U.S. The birthday party industry had grown into a $38 billion industry in the US by 2018. The children’s birthday party industry alone is worth $25 billion and is on the rise. This growth has been sustained during periods of major swings in national and local economies. There are more than 72 million children in the U.S. today and this number is projected to reach 80 million by 2050. Parents are continuing to seek out higher value and differentiated options for their kids’ party each and every year.

“If you love seeing pure joy on kids’ faces, have a passion for creativity and a desire to make a difference within your local community, then this is your dream role. The reaction of kids is priceless, and their squeals of delight is nothing short of magical.”

Imagine the personal freedom of having no commute, no bosses, no office politics; or ever missing your kid’s recital or school play.  Owning your own Elite Teepees business is the perfect opportunity to earn a great living: with low start up and monthly costs, and no franchise fees or royalties, 100% of the revenue is yours. Right now is the time to capitalize on this unique opportunity.  Go to www.eliteteepees.com today.

Contact: Nikki Kay
Founder & CEO
Elite TeepeesSM
Carlsbad, San Diego, California
Phone: 310 800 8554
Email: 230135@email4pr.com

SOURCE Elite Teepees

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