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For admonitions, theories and suggestions to stand the test of time and not devolve into old wive’s tales, they have to continue to be effective in practical terms.

As an example, the notion that an apple a day keeps the doctor away at some point in time, in the past, was pretty sound reasoning.

A fresh apple is still very healthy for you.

Having said that, in the past when a society’s diet consisted more of natural foods than the processed ones we see today, that apple could indeed have a large impact on your overall health.

Today however, if you are eating cheese steak sandwiches, hamburgers, BBQ ribs, cheese pizzas, salty French Fries and drinking sugary soda, the combination of all of those foods virtually negate the beneficial effects of one apple.

Admonitions, theories and suggestions have to be taken in context.

Now this admonition was right on yesterday and still is spot on today.

Dancing is good for you.

Is that direct enough?

We didn’t say it would keep the doctor away but it is certainly good for your health.

As shared by Time Magazine, “Two new studies say that dancing may keep you healthy well into old age, potentially by reducing the risk of disability and dementia. The researchers found that physical activity generally helped women remain independent as they aged, but certain types of exercise seemed to have larger effects than others — and dancing led the pack.”

Wow. Shake it, but don’t break it. Who would have thought?

The informative team at adds that dancing can improve your cardiovascular health, improves balance and strength, is gentle on your body, boosts your cognitive performance, challenges your brain, helps with your emotional well-being, especially if it is done socially and actually places you in a good mood.

Dancing for your health appears to be a time tested nice suggestion.

You’re smiling. So are we.

A wonderful partner to dancing, which is part of the family, is fitness because after all, dancing is a form of fitness.

“Everyone should dance. And everyone should sing. People say, ‘Well, I can’t sing.’ Everybody can sing. That you do it badly is no reason not to sing.”…Dick Van Dyke

The mistake that some of the young make is to believe that they don’t have to take fitness seriously until they get older.

Not true.

Participating in physical fitness at a young age falls into the category of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

We whole heartedly agree.

What if you could combine fitness and dance?

It would go together like coffee and a healthy Danish, peanut butter and jelly or Chinese food with rice.

What combinations could be any better? We can’t think of any.

Give Bock21 credit. They have come up with the brilliant idea of combining Fitness and Hip Hop dancing.

“Everyone should dance. And everyone should sing. People say, ‘Well, I can’t sing.’ Everybody can sing. That you do it badly is no reason not to sing.”…Dick Van Dyke

Ready to keep up?

At their dynamic site they smile, “Our BLOCK21 Fitness Signature class in Downtown Denver is a nightclub cardio dance workout, combining hip-hop cardio and interval training. All the feels of a party combined with the punch of your favorite cardio class.

The class is designed for beginners with zero dance experience (seriously, no rhythm, no problem). All you have to do is show up, and you’ll be channeling your inner Beyoncé in no time.”

Sounds great to us. We love any and everything Beyonce.

It is certainly not your mother’s Zumba class.

Their philosophy is energizing as well. They add, “We recognize that trying something new can take serious guts! In return, we promise to show you a workout class unlike anything you’ve tried and dare you to make it through class without smiling. We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive atmosphere that’s not about being perfect. Our #1 priority is to create a community that is there to cheer you on as we get sweaty together. Come join us and see for yourself why BLOCK21 is going to revolutionize your workout.”

Time to move and grove over to their studio and learn more about their program. Please enjoy.

BLOCK21 Fitness Opens New Cardio Hip-Hop Fitness Studio in Capitol Hill Neighborhood of Denver, articles, PRNewsfoto-BLOCK21-Fitness-photo-credit.j

DENVER, Aug. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — BLOCK21 Fitness, a new workout class program centered around cardio hip-hop fitness, opened its new studio today at 930 N. Lincoln Street in Denver. Located just south of Downtown, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, BLOCK21 will initially offer classes five days a week, mornings and evenings, and a grand opening special of 21 days of classes for $21 to new members.

Founded in 2017, BLOCK21’s signature class recreates a nightclub experience with lights and pulse pounding music and turns it into a cardio dance workout, combining hip-hop cardio and interval training. Its goal is to give participants the feel of a party combined with the punch of their favorite cardio class.

“There is no greater feeling than ‘losing yourself’ on the dance floor. You don’t need any professional dance experience to capture that feeling. I wanted to give everyone a chance to access that while making exercise actually fun at the same time,” says Sally Ogilby, owner and head instructor of BLOCK21 Fitness.

The classes are designed for beginners with zero dance experience. She says all you have to do is show up, and you’ll be channeling your inner Beyoncé in no time.

“This class is amazing. I am a terrible dancer and was nervous about taking the class the first time, but I’m so glad I did! It feels like you are at a dance party and I honestly have so much fun,” Erica L., member since 2018.

The studio hosted a soft opening class and party for original members on Saturday August second. The new studio has taken over the space of the former Dazzle Jazz on Lincoln Street, which relocated downtown in 2017. After renovations, the location now features a studio for up to 35 class participants, a locker room and bathrooms. The studio also hosts custom classes for bachelorette parties and other events.

About Block21 Fitness
Founded in 2017, BLOCK21 Fitness is a new type of fitness class that utilizes the feel and music of a hip-hop nightclub to guide participants through a high intensity cardio and interval training workout. Its owner, Sally Ogilby, comes from 20+ years of professional dance experience and wanted to create a new cardio workout experience that made exercise actually enjoyable. BLOCK21 Fitness is located at 930 Lincoln Street, Denver, Colorado 80203. Visit for more information.


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