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August 24, 2020,

We all wear a mask. Everyday. Yes we sure do.

Some philosophers think so.

The whole world is a stage. Remember?

Or is that some of us should wear a mask? Everyday. Or at least every other day. Maybe on the days we go out in public.

No philosophy. Just being safe and practical.

If we decide to wear a mask, a great one filled with beneficial ingredients for our skin would be the mask of choice.

Based upon reviews we think we have found just the perfect one from a dedicated and dynamic cosmetics company. articles, articles, SK-II-skincare- photo credit

SK-II is a Japanese cosmetics brand launched in the early 1980s based on a compound derived from yeast. It is owned by parent company Procter & Gamble (P&G) and is sold and marketed as a premium skin care solution in East Asia as well as North America, Europe and Australia.

Listen to this.

SK-II was developed in the 1970s by Japanese scientists investigating the use of more naturally derived ingredients after it was observed that elderly workers at a sake brewery had smooth, clear and young-looking hands from years of submerging them in the fermented yeast.

Fascinating. Who would have thought?

A yeast extract that the company calls pitera was eventually isolated for cosmetic use and the brand was launched in the early 1980s.

P&G acquired the brand with its purchase of Max Factor in 1991 and expanded its sale from Japan to Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, in 2000 to the UK, and subsequently to the US, restricting initial sales to a few high-end stores where “consultants” introduced customers to the brand.

As of 2018 it is also sold in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, and Thailand.

The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence has seen more than 20 million bottles sold to date. articles, articles, pexels-photo-1876279 music 2020 Andrea-Piacquadio

If you haven’t heard of them, maybe you should. Become more familiar with them too.

At their engaging home share their story from their perspective, “In the 1970s, SK-II scientists began a fervent quest to uncover a skincare ingredient that would make beautiful skin a reality. Across land and sea, they sought for the answer. Researching a myriad of possibilities ranging from Chinese herbs to hot spring water – the secret they were looking for eluded them for a long time. It was only by a chance encounter that the scientists observed the soft and youthful hands of aged sake brewers. The breath-taking sight was what hinted at the skincare miracle they would eventually uncover. A destiny of beauty was finally within reach.

Derived from a strictly controlled natural fermentation process, PITERA™ is a clear liquid rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. The fascinating combination of nutrients work to dramatically improve the skin’s natural surface rejuvenation process. This unique and signature ingredient bears close resemblance to the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) – a deciding element in the restoration and enhancement of translucency, softness and smoothness. Nature, technology and craftsmanship blend harmoniously to create the miracle of PITERA™ – to present a promise of crystal clear skin that is yours to always keep. articles, articles, pexels-photo-1876279 music 2020 Andrea-Piacquadio

The astounding sight of the wrinkled faces of aged sake brewers contrasting their soft youthful hands remained seared in the memories of the SK-II scientists. Back in the confines of the laboratory, they surmised that the secret must lie in the yeast that the brewers’ hands were in constant contact with during the sake fermentation process. And that is how an exhaustive research of over 350 yeast strains began. Poring over even the smallest singular detail, the scientists spent over five years isolating the single yeast strain that held the secret to crystal clear skin. It was the birth of a miracle, a beauty revolution that would soon come to be known as PITERA™.”

That was lot of information. Let’s hone it down a little by focusing in on PITERA.

The informative team at share, “PITERA, also known as galactomyces ferment filtrate, is a yeast extract derived from a strictly controlled natural fermentation process. It is a clear liquid that contains over 50 micronutrients and is an excellent source of peptides, proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, and organic acids. The combination of these nutrients is said to provide powerful anti-aging and hydrating properties.”

Very educational. Good to know.

We would like more input from the media in terms of their views.

At they add, “The SK-II Facial Treatment is also affectionately known as the “miracle water” by fans and celebrities, and I was excited to review it for myself when I was sent a bottle. My first impression when I poured out the Facial Treatment Essence was how lightweight the formula is – in fact, I would have mistaken it as water. The essence leaves a very refreshing feeling on my skin once I applied it. My skin felt more hydrated and “bouncy”, and the dry areas around my lips and nose were soothed instantly.

My biggest skincare concern is probably dull and dehydrated complexion, which makes me look tired without makeup on. After three days of using it conscientiously day and night, I noticed that the usual dry spots on my face are less flaky, the redness around my nose is less obvious, and my overall complexion looked more radiant. I feel that my skin look less tired than it used to.” articles, articles, SK-II-skincare- photo credit

Very nice review.

We think this amazing female blogger summarizes her experience very well at, “Those of you who keep up with my Instagram stories know that for the last two months I’ve been religiously using SK-II Facial Treatment Essence twice a day in preparation for our trip to Mexico and upcoming summer travels. Well as you can see from the empty bottle in my hand, I finished every last drop and my skin could not be more grateful for all the love and nourishment it received over the last few weeks! Applying this “miracle water” (as it’s called by the beauty community) every day was such a refreshing and hydrating treat. Let me tell you: I savored this and was neurotically careful to not waste a single drop. I didn’t want to finish it!”

We’re convinced.

As many of us age, we are often looking for a product that will help us look younger.

Even for just a window of time.

So much of life is about the moments and we would just love to create a few more at a very high level.

The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is impressive.

Giving this product a try to see if it is the real deal is on our bucket list.

Some say we all wear a mask. It might as well be beneficial for our skin and hopefully make us look years younger. articles, articles, pexels-photo-1876279 music 2020 Andrea-Piacquadio

~ ~ ~

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