Indoor Climbing Wall, Great Teen Social Media Alternative

November 15, 2021,

They are on their cell phones too much.

Isn’t that the major concern of parents regarding their teenagers?

Define too much.

Is it four hours, five, six or seven? Which figure is too much?

According to, “Teens spend an average of seven hours and 22 minutes on their phones a day, and tweens — ages 8 to 12 — are not far behind, at four hours and 44 minutes daily, according to a new report by Common Sense Media, a nonprofit that promotes safe technology and media for children.”

See? Parents are always right. Well, maybe most often right.

Seven hours is a lot of time. Between sleeping, going to school and the Social Media, there doesn’t seem to be time for much else.

In decades past, parents were concerned teens were watching too much television.

Then spending too much time at the mall. Ironically the rise of Social Media selling took care of that.

So, since it appears to be true that teens are spending a lot of time on their cell phones and computer screens for socializing and recreation, as in times past, what can parents do?

Find positive alternatives for them to participate in.

Ideally the activity would help develop both their minds and bodies and indoor wall climbing seems ideal for both.

Now for the basics.

A climbing wall is an artificially constructed wall with grips for hands and feet, usually used for indoor climbing, but sometimes located outdoors.

Some are brick or wooden constructions, but on most modern walls, the material most often used is a thick multiplex board with holes drilled into it. Recently, manufactured steel and aluminum have also been used. The wall may have places to attach belay ropes, but may also be used to practice lead climbing or bouldering.

Each hole contains a specially formed t-nut to allow modular climbing holds to be screwed onto the wall. With manufactured steel or aluminum walls, an engineered industrial fastener is used to secure climbing holds.

The face of the multiplex board climbing surface is covered with textured products including concrete and paint or polyurethane loaded with sand. In addition to the textured surface and hand holds, the wall may contain surface structures such as indentions (in cuts) and protrusions (bulges), or take the form of an overhang, under hang or crack.

Some grips are formed to mimic the conditions of outdoor rock, including some that are oversized and can have other grips bolted onto them.

Indoor climbing is an increasingly popular form of rock climbing performed on artificial structures that attempt to mimic the experience of outdoor rock. The first indoor climbing gym in North America, Vertical World in Seattle, was established in Seattle in 1987.

The idea as a fun and suitable teen activity has spread to Philadelphia where a YMCA has incorporated one in their family activity center.

If you feel your teen could use a healthy alternative recreational activity, consider Indoor Wall Climbing. Always remember to research and take all safety precautions you can.

A visiting writer can encourage you further.

Indoor Climbing Walls Offer Fun For The Whole Family Robert-Agthe-Wikipedia-photo-credit-Editorial-use.

By John Ess

With the adventurous sort, you will find a myriad of activities that can get your adrenaline going without risking your safety. Whether you are old or young, you can enjoy the exercise and fun of climbing walls, especially as they make outdoor and indoor climbing walls at various degrees of expertise. Children will find easy grips on shorter walls, while more progressed climbers can scale to new heights with all the proper equipment.

These walls can be located at a range of fitness locations, fairs and occasionally sporting goods stores. If you plan on regularly visiting a one for exercise, you will want to invest in your own work out clothing, climbing shoes along with other equipment. It might even be cheaper if you purchase a normal membership to a health club rather than pay for each visit at a time.

While some gyms have got set up climbing walls, there are also mobile walls that may go to various locations. These kinds of may be used in sports courts, fairs, parks or even your own back yard. Usually, a mobile climbing wall can only hold two to four people, so make sure that you are buying the right one for your needs.

A mobile climbing wall may not come in the normal “wall” shape you are accustomed to seeing. Sometimes these walls might look like boulders with lots of hand holds that blend into the design. These are wonderful when you want to have a safe area for the children to play (without harnesses) in your own backyard.

With all types of climbing walls, whether or not they are stationary or mobile, proper safety procedures ought to be followed. In some instances, you must have another person with you who is able to act as a belay, however, some climbing walls feature an auto belay device that works by compressed cylinders of oil for a regulated decent.

An auto belay device includes a system of pulleys instead of another human being to act as your anchor. This is very important, because with all climbing activities, safety ought to be your number one priority. While you might feel confident in your climbing abilities, you should never try to climb a wall unsupervised or without some kind of belay.

Some folks may not like climbing walls, however they still might enjoy a high ropes course. Children especially like playing on these courses, because they are suspended above ground, yet they are completely safe.

If you’re the kind who loves to experience the adrenaline rush of heights mixed with the athletic challenge of pushing your body to the edge, consider rock climbing and other climbing adventures to fill that need. Whether you turn out to be an expert or simply like to try it out just for fun, it can be a great experience for children and adults alike.

Author Bio: If you happen to be at a place that have a rope course and indoor climbing walls, you are guaranteed a good time. Both of these will provide hours of entertainment and give you a workout.

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