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Girls Lacrosse Transition Drill

What makes a lacrosse team into a real team is learning how to pass to each other quickly and effectively. The flow of the ball needs to change direction often in order to make the defense reset with each pass. This pass does not always have to be down field, it can be back or across. With this in mind, I started doing this drill with my teams and it really helps them pick up the speed and effectiveness of their passing.

The field can be any size. The objective is to get the ball to the other end of the field and either shoot, or pass over the end line. You can do it with a goal at each end, with or without a goalie. Or, you can have a point be scored just by passing the ball over the end line.

Divide the players into 2 even teams, and get one team pinned-up. Have them mark up to play man to man. Have them spread out end to end, with 1 player from each team in the middle to do a draw.

Once they start, and a player has the ball in her stick, she can only hold it for 3 seconds before she passes. I scream out “1 one-thousand, 2 one-thousand, 3 one-thousand!” If she has not passed off within 3 seconds, she and her entire team have to do 10 push-ups*. AND the other team gets the ball.

Keep score. They work harder if they are competing. At the end, the winning team does a set of 5 sprints and stops. The losing team does a set of 8 sprints. The distance of the sprints depends on their age.

*You could substitute in 10 walking lunges, 25 crunches, 20 bicycle abs, or 10 squat jumps after each team as done a few sets of the push-ups (so they don’t get sore/hurt).

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